Welcome to my SizeGenetics review.

I can’t believe it has already been 6 months since I started using the SizeGenetics extender.

So I thought I’d write a review and share my results!

For the past couple of years I’ve been getting deep into the world of .

I’ve never been happy with my size.

At 4.5 inches I was always pretty shy when it came to  and didn’t really like getting un-dressed in front of a woman unless I was drunk.

Even then I preferred it with the lights off.

So I did what any man would do.

That’s right I turned to Google!

I wanted to find out if  was even possible.

That’s when I found a bunch of guys posting their routines on forums and talking about how they were gaining inches.

It was motivating to see that there are guys out there getting results.

But there’s so many different products out there when it comes to  which makes it really hard to find out what works.

There’s just so many scammers out there trying to get money out of desperate guys like me.

..Anyway, one name that kept popping up as good was something called the Sizegenetics extender.

One guy used it and gained an inch in just a few months.

A lot of guys were combining the Size Genetics extender with something called  and they seemed to be getting good results.

With so many guys posting about their results on different forums and blogs I thought “What the hell, let’s give it a try.”

They have a money back guarantee and seemed like a legit company so if it sucked or didn’t work then I could hopefully get my money back.

A few days later it arrived at my door in a plain brown box which I opened up right away.

My first thoughts were that the SizeGenetics extender feels very well made and sturdy.

If you’re not familiar with extenders like the SizeGenetics device then they’re actually very simple and easy to use.

Your goes in one end and gets secured at the other end.

The extender then stretches out your because it elongates.

Over time this hopefully causes your  to get bigger and grow new cells similar to what happens with bodybuilding.

(The human body is very adaptable. It’s amazing what you can do with it.)

Now the truth is that even though I had the SizeGenetics extender in my hands I didn’t really know what to do to get the best results.

So again I turned to Google and I found this helpful routine by a guy who used the SizeGenetics extender combined with  to gain 2 inches.

Here’s the routine..

Pretty cool right?

You’ll noticed that the routine starts off a bit slow.

You’ll only be wearing the SizeGenetics for a little while in the beginning because if you wear it for too long your  will start to ache from all the stretching.

So you need to work your way up over the course of a month until you can wear it for longer periods.

So that’s what I did.

I just followed the exact routine I posted above.

After about 30 days you’ll see from the routine that you’ll be wearing the SizeGenetics for about 12 hours per day.

One thing I should mention is that the device is very discreet.

Unless you wear jeans or tight clothing people won’t suspect anything.

I wore it to work, to the shops, around friends and family with zero suspicion.

Anyway it’s been just over 6 months now since I started following the routine so you’re probably wondering how it all went and if it actually works..

My SizeGenetics Results

For the first month I actually gained about a centimeter which was kind of a surprise because the routine starts off slow and I didn’t expect to gain much.

But hey, I’m not complaining.

Anyway let me get right to it.

After 6 months I went from 4.5 inches to 6.3 inches using the SizeGenetics extender!

I also gained about 0.6 inches in girth.

This thing actually works.

Doing It With The Lights On!

Quick story: Last week I went to the gym and met this hot little brunette.

In the past I never would’ve had the confidence to talk to a girl like this let alone try to have  with her.

Mainly because I was too self conscious about how small my  was.

It was a huge mental block.

Anyway last week I was like a completely different person.

I got chatting to her and we went for a coffee after the gym and somehow ended up back at my place.

It was 3 in the afternoon and I ended up doing her in my bed in DAYLIGHT with no worries about the size of my .

I almost had to pinch myself.

At one point she even said:

“Ooh, you’re so BIG baby.”

I’ve never had a woman say that to me before.

We went at it for a good 20 minutes which was weird too because I’ve never lasted that long before.

(I’ve heard quite a few guys say that the SizeGenetics helps them last longer. It has something to do with the pelvic floor muscles getting strengthened by the extender.)

Oh yeah and for the first time ever I actually gave a woman an .

Would I Recommend The SizeGenetics Extender To A Friend?

What can I say?

  • The SizeGenetics helped me gain almost 2 inches in length and 0.6 inches in girth.
  • I last longer during .
  • I actually gave a woman an .
  • I feel much more confident both ually and in general.
  • I do it with the lights on now!

Gaining 2 inches has really helped remove the mental block that I’ve carried with me for so many years.

My  life has done a complete 180 and I can’t recommend this thing enough.

So yeah I would ? percent recommend the SizeGenetics extender to a friend.

You probably gain 1-3 inches within 6 months to a year.

It may take a while but if you can be patient and follow the routine I shared above then you can expect great results with the SizeGenetics extender!

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