When it comes to male enhancement there are literally thousands of products out there that claim to work.

The truth is that most of them suck.

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried tons of pills, systems and devices and there’s only a few things that I’ve found to work.

So I’m creating this page to share with you the male enhancement products worth buying so that you can avoid wasting your money.

My #1 male enhancement pick is the Bathmate.

The Bathmate is basically a hydro pump.

You fill it with warm water and pop it on.

You then pump out the excess water which creates a suction vacuum which expands your member.

The cool thing about the Bathmate is that you can see it working the very first time you try it.

You need to use it for about 15 minutes but immediately afterwards you’ll see a difference.

You can buy the Bathmate here or read my full bathmate review here.

My #2 choice when it comes to male enhancement is the Sizegenetics extender.

Now this device may look a little strange at first sight but believe me the thing really works.

It’s basically an extender that increases size by stretching.

It will take months before you see results but if you give it time you will definitely get results.

You can buy the Sizegenetics device here or read my SizeGenetics review here.

And last but not least..

My #3 Male Enhancement pick are the XtraSize pills.

There are literally hundreds of pills for sale that say they will increase the size of your member but most of them are pure junk.

They’re nothing but sugar pills.

XtraSize on the other hand is the only thing that is proven to work. For every 2 months that you use it you will gain around an inch so you can gain about 3 inches in just 6 months. As well as that it’s actually pretty cheap as it works out to about $1 per day.

It’s made of all natural ingredients too. So when it comes to male enhancement pills XtraSize is my #1 pick.

You can buy XtraSize here or read my XtraSize review here.

So those are the top 3 Male Enhancement products that actually work.