Hello there, my name is Scott McAdams and somehow you have found my blog.

I don’t know how you got here but I’m glad you did.

As of right now there is absolutely nothing on the Scott McAdams blog so what will be up here soon?

Well there’s a few thing that I plan to write about, the things that I really enjoy..

First of all I love to exercise. I do it almost every day so I’ll probably write about some of the workout programs I do and some of the supplements I’m taking and why I choose to take them.

There’s no better feeling that lifting weights for an hour and getting all sweaty. After you’ve had that shower and a post workout snack your body is full of endorphins and it just feels great.

I’m also passionate about literature and reading books. It’s a goal of mine to read through the 100 books you must read before you die posted by the BBC.

So far I’ve only read about 20 of them but I’m still young.

As you can probably tell I also like to write so maybe I’ll post some book reviews here now and again too.

One of my favorite things to watch on TV is MMA. I’ve been a big fan of MMA since the days of Pride when Fedor wrecking people.

So don’t be too surprised to see some articles about MMA here either as it’s one of the only things I watch these days.

I’m also quite big into self improvement. I never had that much confidence growing up so these days I try to do whatever I can to be the best Scott McAdams I can be.

I try to dress better, smell nicer and I’m also into P.E and just getting healthier to be all I can be.

So I guess I will probably write about some of that stuff now and again which some of you guys may find helpful.

Apart from that there’s no real agenda for my blog so it’ll be a hodge podge of subjects.

So check back soon and thanks again for stopping by!

Scott McAdams