All you need to know about the new Apple iPhone 14 models

All you need to know about the new Apple iPhone 14 models


Apple has newly launched its new Apple iPhone 14 which has taken the smartphone market by storm. Introducing various new features and an extensive lineup of iPhone 14 models, Apple smartphone enthusiasts are on their toes to get their hands on the same. Apple is best known for making necessary changes in the iPhone design and introducing new features. Though identical in design to that of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 features an aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure and glass back available in an extensive range of colors like blue, pink, and even red. Starting at $799, the iPhone 14 price in uae is yet to be known.

Let’s dive into its various features and specs that can help you understand what new features have been introduced into the newest Apple iPhone 14:

1. Bigger screens:

The new Apple iPhone 14 models come in 6.1 and 6.7-inch sizes. Though similar in terms of designs, the 6.1-inch size iPhone is categorized as iPhone 14 while the larger 6.7-inch sized phone is termed as iPhone 14 plus. Newer iPhones i.e iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 Promax have also been introduced with extensive features and functionalities.

2. Dynamic island:

Apple has come forward with a new technology and term i.e Dynamic island. Doing away with the traditional notch on the iPhones for front cameras, the newer iPhone pro and Promax features an adaptive notch that can change its size according to the type of notifications. Every bit of information iPhone calls, music, and notifications can be displayed through this adaptive noise that changes itself with the help of both hardware and software.

3. Better display:

New Apple flagship iPhones, iPhone 14 pro, and Promax feature super retina XDR display. Moreover, the much-needed always-on-display feature has been introduced into the iPhones without causing any kind of effect on the battery life. The display now features high peak brightness which can offer better visibility in bright sunny conditions.

4. A new A16 chip:

Apple is known for manufacturing the processors for their iPhones. Therefore, they have introduced in new A 16 chip that possesses a faster six-cores CPU and delivers accelerated GPU performance. With the introduction of a new and more powerful chip, the overall speed of the newer iPhone 14 models has improved significantly.

5. A new megapixel camera:

The new iPhone 14 models have been equipped with a 48-megapixel wide camera with optical image stabilization and Quad pixel sensors. The front-facing camera can offer better lowlight selfies and videos as well. Automatic image stabilization and action mode features have also been introduced for taking smooth videos at 30 fps rates.

6. Satellite connectivity:

Introducing satellite connectivity in their new iPhone 14 models, the smartphones can directly connect to the satellites in case of any emergencies. Satellite connectivity can help in sending SOS emergency messages to the authorities in case of no Wi-Fi or cellular network. The iPhone 14 pro models even support 5G connectivity as well.

7. Better battery backup and storage:

The new iPhone models have been equipped with better and more powerful batteries that can offer long hours of functionality. Moreover, the iPhone 14 models are available in various capacities live 128, 256, 512, and 1 TB storage.

Available in five colours, customers can select the best iPhone model according to their preferences. The biggest improvements in overall iPhone performance have been made like the introduction of satellite connectivity and better video stabilization features. The iPhone 14, 14 plus, pro, and Promax now serve as the best flagship iPhone models that every iPhone enthusiast has his or her eyes on.

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