10 Amazing Home Decor Items That You Must Have in Your Diwali Shopping List!!

10 Amazing Home Decor Items That You Must Have in Your Diwali Shopping List!!


Diwali festival, which celebrates good over evil, marks the start of the Hindu New Year. Everyone cleans their homes and decorate it with different items like lights, diya, flower, lamp and with many other home decor items. It is important religious celebration for Hindus, Jains and Sikhs; even people who don’t belong to those three religions celebrate Diwali in India and other places. Cleaning, decorating and giving gifts and sweets to friends and family make this festival purer and more amazing and that is the reason Diwali Shopping is one of the beautiful of celebrating this festival.

Listed below are 10 beautiful home decor items that you must have in your Diwali shopping list:

(1.) Traditional Serving Conch

Traditional conch or shankh has been important as a religious object since ancient times. It represents the sound of the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. It is believed that vibrations emanating on blowing conch destroys the disease-causing germs in the atmosphere. Blowing of conch has special significance in puja ritual. One must add traditional conch in Diwali shopping list to create positive environment around.

(2.) Matki and Kalash

Matki and kalash, tied with the kalawa, and having mango leaves atop, symbolizes the cosmos. The water inside the kalash represents the soul filled with love, compassion, abundance, hospitality and kindness. Many people of different religion believe that the kalash represents the human body, the leaves represents the 5 sense. It is a symbol of the mother earth and divine consciousness. Add kalash and matki in your Diwali shopping list and make your purer and beautiful.

(3.) Wooden Carving Lamp with Led candle

Light and brightness has always been the symbol of positivity, motivation and associated with spiritual beings; it also symbolizes the absence of grief and unhappiness. Beautiful wooden carving lamp with led candle will make your home beautiful and full of positivity. You can also give lamp to your family and friends to make your bond stronger. By buying Diwali gifts online; you can easily send surprising gifts like wooden lamp to your friends and family living in other state and country.

(4.) Designer Lanterns

Decorative lanterns are used in homes, offices and market place during festivals. In cities and in rural areas, you can see lanterns adorning street lights, public buildings, and shops. It is used for decoration and modern forms of celebration and worship

(5.) Led Candle Lights

Celebrate this Diwali festival by saving electricity and lightening up your homes in the most economical and clever ways. LED candles are a wonderful item to bring a beautiful look to the interiors of the homes.

(6.) Multicolored Led Lights

Decorate your homes with the beauty of the bright colours with amazing multi-coloured LED lights. Blinking and the sparkling of these lights will make your homes appear like a dreamland. It can used to decorate room, tress and your home temple. Diwali seems incomplete without multi-coloured led lights.

(7.) Set of 6 mini laughing Buddha

It symbolizes good fortune coming from heavens. It brings good luck, contentment and abundance in one’s life. Many people consider Laughing Buddha as an idol who protects them and doubles the benefits of positive vibrations in the house. His large protruding belly is symbolic of happiness and prosperity. It is believed that one can make his or her day lucky by rubbing the belly of laughing Buddha

(8.) Wonderful floating candles

It will be great to add on to the decoration of the home, especially on the occasion of Diwali.It looks beautiful in the glass pot with flowers in it; it gives classic look to home. Floating candles have little aroma in it which work as a mood changer for people around.

(9.) Shubhlabh

Shubhlabh means prosper luck.  It is well-known that Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, fortune, luxury and prosperity while Lord Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles. People worship these two deities together to welcome wealth along with intelligence and that is why people hang shubhlabh at entrance of home.

(10.) Vibrant Rangoli

Rangolis are vibrant and beautiful. Diwali is incomplete without beautiful rangoli. The importance of rangoli lies in its Hindu rituals and practices. One of the reasons that this intricate decoration is placed in front of the house is because it is believed that it protects us from negative energy and vibes before entering one’s house. Rangoli in Diwali are made to welcome prosperity and wisdom.

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