4 ways to get quality links

4 ways to get quality links


Simple and Easy to follow ways to get quality links

For any SME or freelancer who wants to have some impact online, getting quality links to reinforce their SEO work is a basic thing. But it is also true that, if you are in the case, you are overwhelmed by the number of offers from SEO or Digitalmarketing agencies and, above all, by the wide variety of prices that you can find.

You can find people who work on link building based on euros, automating the generation of blogs with the creation of multiple supports through their own blog networks etc. So what can be done to improve your rankings? Best seo agency in uae recommend to think locally because after all, it is easier to ask for a link to a local newspaper than to a great support, where they probably won’t even read you.

Business associations or unions

Look in your sector for any SEO Community or association of companies , and if you are a member, take advantage of it. If you write introducing yourself, asking for a “collaboration” or whatever trick you can think of, it is very likely that you will get a link in exchange for your website or blog. Do not forget that a mention on your blog and through Twitter can open many doors (we know it well in Seoh1 by the way).

Local newspapers

If you live in a small town, you may have it easier than if you do it in a big city, although in the second case it is almost certain that your neighborhood has some type of publication that you can use .

The first step, before writing asking for a link and getting the commercial response on duty, is to get in touch either through social networks or email. Then take advantage of what you control, that is, your guild. If you are an electrician, you can take advantage of the rise or fall (whatever) related to the sector to write a press release and thus obtain a link to your website or blog (at the same time that you position yourself as a local reference).

Do not forget that in local newspapers any quality content is more than well received, so you can take advantage of that and create the post with “10 tricks to save energy in your home.”

Take advantage of your suppliers and partners

In many cases the relationship with a provider is of many years, so raising the idea of ​​obtaining a link (through a review or study on their website) should not be difficult. By simply mentioning it, you can get a quality link from a website that is directly related to your business .

Awards and charities

The first example that comes to mind to obtain a secure quality link is the awards . If you don’t know them, look them up and submit your blog for the next edition. With a few votes from friends (and yours from different IPs) you can get a quality link from a highly authoritative website.

On the other hand, you can look for charities in which through a small donation they include a link to your website for it, and at the same time, write a press release and thus make your good publicity in passing. You can take guidance from SEO Specialist as well.

Since the ways to get links are practically endless, can you tell us yours? (Those that you already have are very trite, we already know that the good ones you will keep for yourself).

Guest blogging

Surely you have read out there that this is delicate, but we already assure you that if it is done well, it works very well for two reasons: you get links and you position yourself as a benchmark in your sector.

As in the newspapers, look for blogs and specialized magazines on your subject and ask how you can collaborate. You don’t already have it, but if it sneaks in, you could write interesting articles in support with some authority from which to launch links to your website.

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