5 Reasons to Choose a Shaker Kitchen

5 Reasons to Choose a Shaker Kitchen


Just like other industries, trends in kitchen designing also keep on evolving. While many styles come and go, some trends and designs remain popular – like Shaker Kitchen. This classic, clean, and simple style is named after the religious group dating back to the 17th century. They tend to be reasonable without compromising quality than any other style of cabinets.

Even hundreds of years later, Shaker style kitchens still add a timeless look and a bold statement to your boring style kitchen while creating a space that truly stands out for your family.

Here is the list of reasons why you should consider a Shaker style for your kitchen design:

Combination of Traditionalism and Modernity

A shaker style is a blend of a sort that gives your kitchen a cutting edge style and keeps a sense of traditionalism in your kitchen. The primary reason why this style is so popular is that they offer a middle way choice that doesn’t only seem to be “trendy” but is likewise not so old fashioned looking. People looking for a mixture of both contemporary style and traditionalism can go for a Shaker-style kitchen.

Versatile Styling

Let’s be honest, though traditional designs usually have so many styles, you still want something which gives an extraordinary and unique charm to your kitchen. You will not be able to find any other competent cabinet style comparable to Shaker cabinets. They are unique as they come in various styles and options to choose from.

When you’re looking for simplicity and timeless cabinet styles, white shaker cabinets are the best option for you. They can very well pair with traditional and modern styles for their clean lines and simple design.


Well, this is another most important reason to consider a shaker style kitchen. Expenses involved in remodelling kitchens play an important role and should be considered on top priority. However, shaker style doors and cabinets come at affordable rates as compared to solid wood cabinets. The shaker kitchen gives you versatility while saving your pocket as well.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Living in a very busy and jam-packed life, it is very tough to balance your personal and professional life. It is next to impossible to spare time for cleaning and maintaining the kitchen cabinets. However, shaker cabinets are very easy to maintain and clean with no gaps. Easily remove oil residue or greasiness with a single wipe. Beyond offering excellent value for money, they are still low-maintenance and robust. What’s more, they do not require regular polishing, re-staining, and painting.

Colour Choice

Finally, there is a wide range of colour shades available for a shaker style kitchen. You have complete freedom to design your dream kitchen with colour shades ranging from striking graphite to glistening ivory. Shakers do not ruin or dominate the entire look of your cabinet when you are considering a very traditional design.

There are five reasons to choose a Shaker style kitchen, and that’s not at all. There are still hundreds of reasons to choose this timeless, classic design for your beautiful kitchen. Furthermore, if you’re a budget-conscious consumer, then the extensive range of styling substitutes will help give your kitchen a new style.

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