5 Tips for Labeling CBD, Cannabis, Marijuana, and More!

5 Tips for Labeling CBD, Cannabis, Marijuana, and More!


The cannabis industry has observed massive growth in the past decade, with more and more products releasing every few months. In such a competitive market, it is essential for your products to stand out. While having high-quality goods is a must for the success of your business, another essential component to consider is labeling.

Your product’s labeling and packaging have to be attractive to the customer without appearing too salesy and desperate for attention. Consumers now prefer more subtle tones in the products they choose to buy. Furthermore, color psychology plays a significant role in determining whether a customer picks up your product or your competitor’s.

To help you pick out effective labeling for your products, we break down all these pointers and more. Here are our top tips for labeling CBD, cannabis, marijuana, and more.

1.Ensure You Meet All the Labeling Requirements

Before we get into the design and color schemes of your labels, you first need to ensure they meet all the requirements set by different states. Although different states have differing instructions on what must appear on your product’s labels, there are a few common requirements you need to adhere to. Be sure to research well on what these requirements state before you finalize the labels for printing.

A smart way of abiding by all these rules and regulations is to hire a cannabis packaging company to take care of it for you. They have expert designers who are well-versed in the state legislature and will handle this for you, so you can focus on producing high-quality goods.

2.Keep Your Labeling and Design Flexible

As frustrating as it can be, different states are constantly changing their rules about the packaging and labeling of cannabis products. Designing and printing labels is a costly and time-consuming process that doesn’t have much leeway for regular changes and edits. Instead of having to change your label designs every other month, try to keep the packaging flexible from the get-go.

It would help if you considered designing blank spots to be filled in later or keep the style light to keep room for any additional information. Ensure that the general packaging has plenty of space for new additions as per the regulations. If the rules change, you can simply print out labels and stick them on the empty spaces without needing to reprint the entire packaging.

3. Statement of Identity is a Must

Having a statement of identity is imperative for all cannabis products. This can either be added as a label or included as a part of the packaging itself. In either case, it should be right under your brand logo and tell customers what your product is. It should precisely identify the product and be clear on its use.

4.Clichéd Graphics Don’t Work Anymore

There was a time when you would find cannabis users openly displaying their love for the plant on T-shirts, jewelry, and shoes. That time has long passed, and customers now prefer more subtle forms of labels and packaging. With the stigma regarding cannabis products still prevalent in the country, it is simply wiser not to emphasize the fact that your products contain CBD or other traces of cannabis.

That’s not to say that you should hide it. Absolutely not! The labels should clearly showcase that it is a cannabis product. But, your advertising shouldn’t revolve around it. Be more creative with the labeling and focus on aesthetics instead.

5. Pay Attention to Color Psychology

You will mostly find cannabis packaging to revolve around a green and muted brown color scheme. Some manufacturers throw in some reds and yellows occasionally, but the general look stays true to its earthy tones.

This is how color psychology is used to create a feel for your brand and the products it offers. Instead of opting for random colors that don’t quite fit into the cannabis-producing industry, use the right shades to catch people’s attention. They should be able to recognize what your product is right off the bat.

A great example is using plenty of white backgrounds and shading if your products are medicinal.

At the End

Deciding upon the right labels for your cannabis products is essential to the success of your business. No matter what kind of products you offer, if you don’t have compliant packaging that abides by the state rules, your goods won’t ever make it to the shelves. By following our top tips for CBD labeling, you can be assured your labeling will be approved for sales.

While considering all of the rules and regulations, you still want to keep your packaging and labels attractive. How else will you catch the customer’s eye? This process can often be overwhelming, and you might need the expertise of professional designers to help you out. Reach out to them and take their guidance before you start your label production. Good luck!

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