Mallorca or Majorca, as it is spelt in Spanish and Catalan respectively, is an island located off the coast of Barcelona in the Mediterranean. It is the biggest of all the Belearic Islands (Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera). Mallorca is a 55 minute drive to Barcelona and quite a popular tourist destination for German tourists, attracting over 3 million tourists per year.

Flying to Mallorca

When you travel to Mallorca by air, the arrival city is Palma. You can now arrange bus transport into the heart of the city or to any other parts of the island. If you are flying through Barcelona or Madrid, there are many daily flights on airlines like Iberia Airlines. And there are also very many low cost carriers like Vueling, Tuifly etc. with straight flight to Mallorca from major European cities. Larger hotels offer Palma airport transfers for free or for a little fee but however, as there are transport companies, there are taxis. Make use of any that is convenient for you as you can easily navigate in English. Be sure to read through Palma here also, good for the travels.

Renting cars to explore Mallorca

Want to explore the city? Do not stress yourself at all. Just go to the airport, and book a car. Roads can be quite narrow for small villages so, it would be nice to rent a small car. Although many first time visitors spend their first few days exploring the capital city, Palma, to start with. Since Mallorca is an island, have it in mind to hear history about pirates. The struggle for power, conquests and reconquests are not left out of their history. The city of Mallorca is also famously known for its football team and its geographical location to Spain, Italy, and North Africa which is also the reason for the island’s unique culture, architecture and charm. It is also precipitous in history with Muslim, Roman, Arabic, Byzantine and Christian influences to mention but few. Mallorca today survives on tourism where eighty percent of the population is involved in the sector.

Excursions and Attractions for Mallorca

 When planning to go on excursion in Mallorca, research the attractions and excursion sites you would like to see and book in advance so as to save time and money.

 Since Mallorca is an island, you should think of beaches. There are more than 200 beaches on Mallorca with crystal-clear waters which are great for swimming and snorkeling so as to make sure you have the right snorkel with you as you enjoy your swim. A bout tour will also be good to see Mallorca very well for first time visitors.

There some ancient citadels, luxurious villas, olive groves, multi-terraced terrain etc. in Mallorca which you visit when you head out to see the country side. There are soaring mountains and breathtaking cliff sides too.

 There is also this lovely village called Son Servera with a unique structure called ‘the unfinished church’ designed by Joan Rubio, once worked with Gaudi, but they ran out of money and could not finish it and now it is being used for religious and cultural events.

Try hitting the winery too. There is the Jose L. Ferrer winery, located in Benissalem, one of the longest operating wineries in Mallorca that has been in operation since 1931. You can choose from traditional tastings with the local accompaniments of cheeses and biscuits as well.

 The Caves of Drach is also a good place to visit too. The caves are super cool with a horizontal descent of almost 4000 feet. Inside the cave, there is a subterranean lake believed to be the one of the largest lakes in the world; really awe inspiring.

 Try to wear the most comfortable sandals while travelling and put on something like Desigual (Barcelona based clothing brand) which are light weight, easy to pack and take no space when parking up for trips.

For more detailed experience, be sure to make us of the Palma Tourist attractions map

Use the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour.

Palma de Mallorca can best be explored from the top of a hop-on hop-off bus. You get to seat at the highest point of the bus and have a 360 degree full coverage of the city.  The bus has 16 main stops located centrally. You can choose to be on a double decked bus or an open roof bus, click here for Palma bus tours comparison to choose which of the buses suits you best. You will get to stop at some great attraction sites in the city which include:

  1. Antoni Maura
  2. del Mercat
  3. La Rambla/Carrer dels Horts
  4. dEspanya
  5. Alexandre Rossello
  6. Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga
  7. Passeig Maritim
  8. Poble Espanyol
  9. Castell de Bellver Pl.Gomila
  10. Joan Miro Estacio Maritima
  11. Gabriel Roca
  12. Porta de Santa Catalina
  13. Jaume III

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