Clearing Any Blocked Drain – Some Tips for You

Clearing Any Blocked Drain – Some Tips for You


Maintenance of any building is a given, after 5 to 7 years of construction. The maintenance includes taking care of the electrical lining, plumbing lines, switches, taps, rain gutter, sewage pipes, and so on. When the routine of the regular maintenance of the plumbing lines is not followed, then it might end up in the blockage of the drains.

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Blocked Drain Clearing Process 

Many methods help take care of the blocked drains. Some are listed below. 

  • Natural Cleaners 

The best way of taking care of the blocked drains is by some natural cleaners. When used, these will create a sense of the fizzing effect that will take care of the blockage issues. The commonly used natural drain cleaners are a cup of vinegar, a cup of bicarbonate, and a cup of hot water.

  • Boiling Water 

Some of the common issues of blocked drains such as grease build-up, conditioner, toiletries, etc., can be flushed completely out of the drain with the help of boiling water.

  • Plungers 

Plungers are not completely effective substances, but can help in dislodging the common blockages in the drain. They will become a seal around the plughole and cause the vacuum suction effect when used.

  • Gloved Hands 

Put on your cleaning gloves and start removing the hair and other such dirt particles that are stuck at the entrance of the plumbing line. By doing so, you can remove the hair that is stuck onto the greasy coating on the walls of the plumbing, which is the actual cause of water build-up inside your sink or washbasin.

  • Another Layer of Filter 

Add a layer of the filter onto the already filters placed in the water lines. By doing so, you can avoid your children flushing down some of the waste products or food scraps accidentally.

  • Hydro-Jet 

Hydro jet guns are best known for releasing water at the speed of a gun. The jet water can crack or even break a wooden plaque, and hence can easily clear the blockages in the plumbing line.

  • Relining of the Pipe 

Prolonged blockage in the plumbing line can result in causing some damage to the piping lines. The replacement of a full pipeline might be the only solution in such cases. The blocked pipeline will be removed completely and will be replaced with a new one.

  • Toiletry Blockages 

Some people flush some toiletries such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, etc., in the toilet, resulting in the blockage of the sewer lines. The best and the right way of avoiding this issue is with the right way of disposal of the toiletries.

Plumbing line blockage will be alerted to you in many ways. Make sure to read these signs and take effective action immediately.

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