Funeral Casket Flowers – How To Create Simple and Solemn Beauty

Funeral Casket Flowers – How To Create Simple and Solemn Beauty


Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences of life. If you’re reading this, you have probably been given the task of choosing the proper arrangement for an upcoming funeral. This can be an overwhelming and emotionally charged decision to make, especially if you have never been through this before. We understand that you want to help do your part in showing your condolences as well as celebrating a life lived.. So what arrangement should you go for? The following is a quick breakdown of each of the common types of funeral arrangements, what their use is, how long they will last and what they represent or symbolize most often.

Your Standard Funeral Casket Flower Arrangement

Arrangement encompasses a lot of meanings, but it refers to any freestanding floral arrangement. These arrangements are not meant to be hung up or placed on the top of a casket. Arrangements usually come in a basket or paper mache container. Then, a green floral foam insert with water will be inserted which helps keep the flowers fresh for longer. Arrangements are easy to travel with and are able to be transported to a church or any other place of ceremony. These last several days in comparison to a wreath or wall-spray. Those won’t last more than one or two days. Arrangements can be colourful or black and white, traditional or modern, and they are usually large in size.

Funeral Flowers vs. Sympathy Flowers

During a funeral there are different flower arrangements which have different meanings and are sent to different places.

Funeral flowers are chosen by family members or close family friends. This is because they play a role in the funeral and other ceremonies during the service. These floral arrangements are typically put on display at the chapel next to the casket. These flowers need to be large enough so that they can be seen from anywhere in the room. These large displays of floral arrangements are able to be purchased in a few different shapes, including a heart or a cross. The family will also be responsible for purchasing a wreath or spray which is laid across the top of the casket during the funeral service.

Sympathy flowers are small arrangements and bouquets which are sent in  by friends to the bereaved. They symbolize condolences and express sympathy, hence their name. If you want to send flowers to be on display during the service, you will want to do so quickly. This ensures that your florist will be able to complete and deliver your bouquet or arrangement on time to have them set up by the funeral home staff in the chapel before the services begin. If you would like to send flowers to the family’s home, you can do so at any moment.

What are the meanings behind funeral and sympathy flowers?

Before you decide on the flowers you want to send to a family or funeral home, you will want to understand what each type of flower can represent. Rather than picking flowers at random or that look nice, you should try to take some time to think about the deeper meaning behind them. Here are a few of the most popular flowers for funerals and their meanings:

  • Carnations: Fascination or Love
  • Chrysanthemums (mums): Love You
  • Hyacinth: You are in My Prayers
  • Hydrangea: Heartfelt Emotions
  • Lilies: Majesty
  • Orchids: I Will Always Love You
  • Peace Lilies: Peace
  • Roses: Respect, Love, Courage

If you don’t find an arrangement you like or feel represents your loved one appropriately, you don’t have to worry. There are many floral shops and florists out there that are able to create a floral arrangement that better represents your loved one. For example, if they were a musician, you can hire a specialized funeral arrangement florist to build a custom piece like a guitar or treble clef. All you need to do is ask them.

Or maybe the arrangement is not the issue, but the flowers instead. For example, if your loved one’s favourite flower was a baby’s breath you might not be able to find an arrangement that features it because it is typically used as a filler flower. Not to worry, having a chat with your florist can solve any of these issues. You can simply pick the arrangement you like and specify what type of flowers to use within it.

Always remember that everything in the floral industry is handmade. Every flower, colour and arrangement can be made to easily fit your needs.

If you still don’t know where to start, we understand. This can be a difficult time to think of anything else, especially flowers. We recommend that you start with a few basic things:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What style do you prefer? Over the top or simple?
  3. When it comes to colour, choose something colourful for someone who lived a long and happy life. If the death was a young person or child then stick with mostly white or pale, softer colours.

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