Airtel has the best postpaid plans at astonishing monthly prices – so why are you still stuck with an old postpaid plan that is not half as good?

Everywhere you go, you see a familiar sight – whatever one’s age or station in life, most people have smartphones in their hands.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in our lives. They provide instant connectivity to our near and dear ones, they help us stay in touch with the news and latest trends, and they entertain us on the go. Smartphones have become quite affordable too, with the best brands manufacturing phones for a range of budgets and requirements.

But what is the point of having the snazziest smartphone in the world if you’re only going to pair it with a mediocre postpaid plan? Your phone’s revolutionary features and the apps you download can work really well only when they are backed with a good mobile postpaid plan. You may have a mobile postpaid plan already operational on your phone, but is it really the best that money can buy?

For instance, does it have –

  • Always-on connectivity, wherever you go, so that you don’t experience call drops and network outages?
  • An affordable monthly bill that does not burn a hole in your pocket?
  • A huge amount of data so that you don’t ‘run out’ even after you Netflix or stream a lot of video every day?
  • Easy bill payment options on the provider’s website as well as smartphone app?

If your current mobile postpaid plan does not have some or any of these functionalities, then you are saddled with a plan that is of little use to you. Here’s some friendly advice: switch to Airtel postpaid.

Why Airtel postpaid?

Airtel mobile postpaid plans are wildly popular among its legions of users, mostly because –

  • It has multiple postpaid plans for all the major cities in India. You can check the available postpaid plans for your city before placing a purchase order for the most suitable one.
  • It has superfast data transmission speeds, so you can stream heavy files and watch films and videos without any glitches.
  • It has always-on connectivity, so you will never face an issue even when you are on a roaming network.
  • Each Airtel mobile postpaid plan allows data rollover per month, so your last month’s unused data can be added to the current cycle. That’s more data for you, at no additional cost!
  • You can pay your utility bills, watch movies and sports, shop, listen to music, catch up on the news and do so much more with the excellent myAirtel app on your phone.
  • It has intuitive backup features like access to useful apps (Airtel TV, Wynk Music), easy bill payment options (via the Airtel website or myAirtel app) and easy porting from other service providers. These help you maximise the full potential of both the mobile postpaid plan as well your smartphone.

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