Hair Extensions – All You Need To Know!

Hair Extensions – All You Need To Know!


Whether straight, curly, shiny black or highlighted quirkily, your hair is synonymous with your personality. While women love having fun with their hairstyles, committing to a permanent change to switch the look can be tricky. And when it comes to trying out artificial hair, one can simply imagine them as lifeless-plastic-looking strands. Hair Extensions brands are offering comfortably wearable options with different application types. Plus, they are more natural than ever before.

Besides catering to problems like receding hairline, thinning and alopecia, hair extensions can be a fun and versatile way to enhance your natural hair and try out new styles. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, or a pop of colour, there’s a hair extension option out there for you. They can be put on just like natural hair. Style them the way you want-bouncy curls, shiny straight or give them romantic wavy styling. They can also be braided, twisted, or pulled back into an updo. In terms of hair care, all you need is a mask or serum to maintain its slickness, or you can simply wash it with a gentle sulphate-free shampoo.

Like many things in the beauty world, exploring these rarely untapped products can be intimidating. Tira navigates through the best options that are approved by tastemakers and celebrities.

Extensions for Volume, Length and Coverage:

Clip-In Hair

Clip-in hair extensions need no expertise to wear and offer you the leeway from long salon appointments. Available in all kinds of hair colours, lengths and textures, natural hair strands are attached to a base fabric, ready to be clipped in different sections of your hair.  Whether you’re eager to see how wispy front bangs frame your face or want to experiment with curtain bangs that add a flounce to your natural hair, place your bid on light clip-in extensions and see the people around marvel at your quick makeover.

Hair Toppers

Hair toppers offer the perfect solution to partial hair loss and hair thinning in the crown and temple area. These semi-permanent toppers are appropriate to give coverage and volume to the scalp, secured to glue at the base. Tape-ins are semi-permanent and can stay intact for up to eight weeks with a weightless effect even after adding the full-fledged volume of hair to your head. A tape-in hair extension is reusable, however, you’ll need a stroll to your salon to get them attached.

Sewn-In and Microlinks

Sewing or weaving hair extensions require the thorough expertise of the hairstylist. The stylist will braid the hair down into patterns like cornrows or beehives which needs a session of two to six hours, depending on how many strands are being woven. Micro links are attached using beads or rings that are more seamless than sewing or weaving as an alternative to sewn extensions. While the sewn ones last from six to ten weeks, micro links can last up to two to three months; however, you need to take constant care of the hair beneath.

Extensions for Hair Styling:

Glittery Tinsels

Tinsels are party-ready game-changers when it comes to hair styling. When you’re at your sixes and sevens to style your tresses in a fun way, count on thin metallic strands that shimmy as you move. Iridescent extensions are easy to attach with a little help from the many DIY videos you can find online. As this trend from the early aughts is returning, if you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate temporary hair colour you can invest in a pack of sparkly strands. You’ll not regret having glitter in your hair on a routine day too for a mood-boosting vibe.

Coloured Strand Extensions

A sleeper hit amongst the millennials and Gen Z who love experimenting with the colours of their hair. It is a great way to explore even quirky hues of purple, pink, blue, and green without major permanent changes, especially when hair colouringsesh can be a bit of a luxury with the whopping costs at leading salon outlets. These strands come in clip-in extensions in an array of colours so you can keep switching to match your outfit and occasion for a trendy look.

Keratin Bond Extensions

One of the most high-maintenance hair extensions that can go up to $3,000, Keratin Bond extensions are thin strands that can be fused with the hair to add length, fullness or even colour to your hair without the risk of harmful dyes and bleaches. These extensions can be attached for around 6 months following regular touch-ups. If you’re looking to add more volume and liveliness to your hair or simply combat its flatness, it’s an excellent choice. You can attain that desired extra body and movement with this option.


If you’re seeking a fashionable temporary hairdo, extensions offer an assortment of styles with balayage, face-framing highlights, and diverse cuts and textures. While you can find a slew of quick self-applicable add-ons, hair extensions can also be customised to suit the individual needs and concerns of the hair. While the offerings can be enticing, leave it to the experts to suggest the right extension for you.

We at Tira hope that the tips provided will be beneficial to you when you plan for your next hair extension.

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