How does a Video door phone ensure safety?

How does a Video door phone ensure safety?


With increasing number of crimes like thefts and burglary, safety and security has become extremely vulnerable. Such unpleasant events can cause extensive damage to your property, loss of valuables and even harm your loved ones living there. And one way to protect your home and family from such security issues is by taking proper security measures. Luckily, security industry has come up with many high-tech devices that ensure utmost security. And once such device is video door phone, which enables you to communicate and grant or deny access to visitors.

What Is A Video Door Phone System?

A video door phone system is basically the advance version of a doorbell. It is a intercom system that enables you to interact with the visitors on your door without any physical contact and grant them access only if you wish to. Moreover, the video door phone system can be easily integrated with other security system components like intrusion alarm system, access control system and home automation system to provide best security solution. The video door phone system consists of two components, one is the outdoor unit that has camera mounted on it and one inbuilt microphone. Second is indoor unit that consists of a monitor screen on which you can view the footage of the visitor interacting at your door.

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From strangers to peddlers and vendors, there are so many unknown people who knock your door and it is impossible to know their intentions. Having a video door phone system not only gives you an opportunity to communicate with the visitor and know if the person is suspicious without having any physical interaction but also captures the face and activity of the person. Installing a video door phone system at your home can be beneficial in many ways. Read further to know how.

1. Remote unlock feature – Leaving your chores or getting up from the middle of your sleep just to open the door is such a tedious task at times. Specially for people living in large spaces, it is a next level cardio almost to do it every time. With the remote unlock feature of video door phone system it becomes easy to unlock door as you can do it from whichever room you are present.

2. Additional Monitor – Earlier the video door phone system came with one monitor that enabled you to communicate with the person from behind the main door. But now security companies offer option of adding extra monitors to the system that means you can install one monitor in each room and enjoy utmost comfort.

3. Clear Night Vision – The video door phone systems offered nowadays come with the IR (infrared) sensor that provides clear vision even in the pitch darkness at night. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the monitor to view the crystal-clear footage.

4. Weatherproof Structure – The best security system is one that provides ease, security and is vandal-proof. Vandalization can be caused by both human as well as weather specially to devices like video door phones that has components installed in outdoors. Hence the rigid structure of video door phone makes it easier for you to rely on the system for complete security and have a sound sleep in any climate.

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