How installing safety bollards can prove to be beneficial

How installing safety bollards can prove to be beneficial


Industrial job sites make use of heavy equipment and vehicles to move things around. For this reason, it’s important that the work environment remains safe whenever heavy equipment or vehicles are utilised.  Making use of protective barriers can lower the impact of a sudden accident or injury. Installing high quality guard rails or a safety bollard can help in providing protection, both inside and outside the building or an industrial area.

Guard Rails

Guard rails are usually found in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories etc. They are placed in the interior perimeters of the buildings. It prevents damages caused by heavy vehicles that may hit when they go out of control. Guard rails even protect the outside structure where there is a lot of traffic, such as parking lots. Industrial guardrails tend to be stronger than the ones that are found on the highway side – they can take impacts along the length of the unit.

Safety Bollards

A Safety Guard Rails can offer protection on a macro level while a Safety Bollard Barriers can offer only micro level protection. Bollards can also help in guiding traffic, preventing damage to machinery and heavy objects and restrict vehicle access to specific areas. Pipe bollards can be more effective than a guard rail in areas with tighter curves, allowing enough room for personnels to pass around them.

Different types of bollards are used for a wide range of applications. These are different from the industrial ones. They are used at parking garages, sporting events, toll booths, playgrounds or even retail store fronts. Adding optional accessories such as bollard caps, portable bollards with wheels etc. can help prolong the service life of equipment. Bollard caps prevent water accumulation and damage to the bollard.

Advantages of installing safety bollards

Traffic management: Bollards can be an integral part of managing traffic. They can be used for creating traffic diversions, road closures or even semi-closures.

Traffic safety: Bollards can be used majorly to help alert drivers regarding the narrow roads or high curbs ahead. They also aid with managing vehicle flow in areas with high traffic. Bollards even prevent vehicles from driving into the sidewalk.

Security for infrastructure and buildings: Bollards can act as a safety device by providing security from accidents or intentional damage to vehicles. Any building or infrastructure can be protected from the impact of a vehicle as bollards provide great security and protection from any collisions. Public places such as schools, government offices, museums, corner buildings and military buildings should consider installing safety bollards.

Pedestrian safety: Poor traffic signals, unsafe crosswalks on crowded streets and street corners pose a safety threat to pedestrians. If safety bollards are installed in such areas with heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic, it can ensure the safety of pedestrians from getting hit or injured by vehicles.

Avoids mounting the curb: When parking areas run out of space in high traffic areas, most people resort to mounting the curb and parking on a sidewalk. Also, vehicles that attempt entering and exiting tight parking lots may end up easily mounting the curb. This can cause accidental damage to gardens or buildings. Safety bollards prevent all of this from happening.

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