How surgeons are using laser technology

How surgeons are using laser technology


The interest in less invasive treatment modalities has made laser technology popular and indispensable in as far as surgery is concerned in the modern world. Reputable laser equipment vendors like The Laser Trader have also made it possible for the cosmetic industry to access affordable, high-quality, and reliable used lasers. The benefits of sourcing laser technology at an affordable price are passed to patients who can now pay less for the services.

Laser energy can safely and effectively be used in the operation rooms in a variety of surgical procedures that range from general surgery to surgical specialties. However, different types of surgeries or laser applications will use different laser technology, laser wavelength, and delivery system to coagulate, cut, and remove tissues.

Surgeons use laser technology in several ways which include but aren’t limited to the following:


In urology, laser technology is prolific in helping surgeons to treat Benign prostatic hyperplasia. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a urological condition that causes abnormal swelling of the prostate gland. Laser technology comes in handy by safely removing the excess prostate tissue without locking, cutting, or interfering with the flow whatsoever. Laser technology is also widely practiced in lithotripsy urological applications. Lithotripsy is a thermal-dependent medical procedure that is ideal for breaking stones in the gallbladder, kidney and ureter.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular procedures are critical if not the most delicate and should be done with utter precision. The cardiovascular surgeries treat several conditions in the body, such as aneurysm repair, mitral valve replacement and coronary bypass surgery.

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However, laser surgery has been prevalent in Transmyocardial revascularization (TMR), a surgical procedure that treats chest pains. The laser technology is used in this procedure to create channels in the heart muscle to enhance circulation. Other conventional ways, such as electric needles, may cause excessive hemorrhage.

Surgical cancer treatment

Other than chemotherapy and radiation therapy, surgery is another surest way of dealing with cancerous cells and tumours that reside deep in the body. Surgery treatment also removes the margin of healthy cells around tumours as they are highly likely to be infected.

Laser energy and technology is utilized by surgeons to help shrink and wreck cancer cells, without affecting other healthy cells. The laser technology can also be used to perfectly cut out tumours without causing any grave harm to the patient. The laser energy is utilized in a narrowly focused beam of light or in a lighted tube that is inserted inside the body.

Cutting and sealing blood vessels

So many things happen during surgery, and vital blood vessels may either be broken or damaged once the process is done. While a controlled amount of laser energy can be used to cut blood levels, surgeons also use adequate power and irradiation duration technique to seal broken blood vessels effectively. Blood vessels sealed with laser technology will remain that way unless cut again by another surgical procedure.

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Indeed, laser technology is doing more good than harm in the surgical field and greater medical industry. Operations are now seamlessly quick, safe and effective, which increases the life expectancy of many people.

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