How the Pandemic Affected the Digital World

How the Pandemic Affected the Digital World


Today under the pandemic outbreak, the whole world is under lockdown, which has an immense effect on the world as a whole. While the intensity of the lockdown is very high whereas, in some places or countries, there is no lockdown, to begin with. The fact of the matter lies in how quickly societies have adapted to a new way of living. People need to wear masks and keep themselves protected with regular handwash and use of sanitizers Et cetera. The quicker a society adapted to the new way of living, the easier it becomes for those societies to keep the infection under control which virtually helps these societies to work as usual without having any issues of lockdown and additional expense that the government has toAbear to keep track of recovery of patients and the security of the rest of the people from the infected people. Everything has gotten affected due to the COVID-19; even schools have shortened their syllabus to cooperate with students. A simple example is where English teachers have decreased the spelling words list so that students find it easy to work along with the new procedures without getting demoralized.

But, as far as we as participants of the society are concerned, a lot has changed since the pandemic. The world today has genuinely realized the true meaning of going digital. The sheer fact that people today can work virtually through sitting at their houses and getting a clear understanding of the practical information the actual workforce is going through. For example, teaching is a profession that predominantly works better by physical presence. The pragmatic approach makes it easy for these educators to deliver their understanding better through individual attention and resolving unique yet severe queries that end up helping students immensely. But today, 9th grade spelling words, which are considered to be one of the most challenging lessons students go through in their high school, are being taught online by using innovative policies and tasks, which not only skews students’ attention but promote excitement and passion for learning as well. From this example, it is clear that everything can and is being shifted to the digital realm. This is not because it was desired to happen, but it just so happens that the pandemic’s situation makes the need for companies to go online through the digital medium. Many tech-savvy companies had already shifted to the digital platform since they already saw the unexploited potential it had. Today in the oil and gas industry, companies have saved a lot of their cost by hiring engineers who do not need to be at the actual setup and can advise while sitting from afar. This not only helped companies cut down on allowances and the vast sums of money they spent on engineers but also made engineers feel secure of their job and the peace of mind that from working at home, they are at less risk of getting infected with the disease.

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Today, those companies excelled at light speed and had either already shifted onto the digital platform or took the first initiative of going digital since the COVID-19 outbreak. Some other businesses previously ran at the digital realm, which is assisted by the global epidemic of this epidemic since digital platforms did not have fewer competitions since the brick-and-mortar style business could not work any longer. Even Jeff Bezos’s Amazon received 30% more order, which led to an increase of 24 billion dollars (U.S.D) in assets since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2019 till July of 2020. Even online educational platforms such as SpellQuiz received a more significant number of users and overall downloads. Students find it challenging to study from online lectures and find it more intuitive and exciting to learn from such applications or websites. Now before the pandemic had occurred, a significant proportion of the students would not necessarily opt to go for a digital platform to gain an education. Still, since the COVID019 outbreak, it is impossible to let people get physically near each other since it increases the chances of spreading, which is a much more critical issue to be focused on than to opt to keep these academies open just for the sake of educating students. As education can not be prioritized over students’ health, it only made sense to stay away from such academies and opt to try these digital platforms instead.

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Lately, it has been declared by the economic professionals all around the world to get businesses online, since countries with developing economies who have been deeply wounded by the disease can no practically get back to their normal state without government changes the fiscal policies which would help to bring more money into the market. Even if the government can bring an increased number of funds into the market, it would be useless since they can not opt for a business idea that involves being close to people physically. Hence, digital businesses are the way forward.

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