How to Defend Drug Possession Charges in Chicago

How to Defend Drug Possession Charges in Chicago


Chicago reflects the American dream in all its glory. Its enterprising population has pushed it up the economic charts, resulting in a Gross Regional Product (GRP) of $698 Billion.

But, there is also the ever-growing drug problem in the city. And its rates have soared through the years. Even in 2006, 50% of all murders and many other violent crimes within its limits were because of drugs. Competition between gangs for the distribution of those drugs is behind much of the violence.

It’s easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law if you’re found having even a trace of drugs on you or in your vehicle. You will get booked for drug possession, and only your criminal lawyer in Chicago can help you escape its worst effects.

Defending Your Drug Possession Charges

Anything related to drugs brings stern actions from Chicago’s law enforcement. The laws regarding drugs are harsh to stem the tide of rising drug problems. So, even mere possession can ruin your life. If you’ve gotten charged under it, there are ways out, or to have the penalty reduced, with the help of a criminal lawyer in Chicago, of course.

Know Your Situation

How were you caught and apprehended? Was your property or vehicle searched? Were you searched personally? How did the cops behave during the raid? What variety of drugs was found, and in what quantity? Did they have a warrant to do so? The answers to all of these will determine the outcome of your case.

Don’t Talk Too Much

It’s easy to panic when facing an arrest, but you should try to remain calm andnot resist. Once at the station, you are likely to get questioned regarding the possession. The police will try to get information from you to criminalize you and possibly make your situation seem worse than it is.

Don’t indulge in that talk. And don’t react violently either, as that will be used against you. If and when the questions get too personal or incriminating, you should stop and ask for your lawyer.

Call Your Lawyer

Use your phone call privilege to call your lawyer. Explain your situation to them as briefly as possible. Wait for them to come to the station and talk to them once there in private. Let your lawyer then continue the conversation with the police.

Become Aware of Your Legal Standing

Illinois drug laws tend to be comparatively lenient on the first and second charges. They vary by the type of drug, with Cannabis getting the comparatively lenient punishments. Cocaine, morphine, LSD, and methamphetamine get the harshest. The total quantity of drugs found will also determine the punishment type received.

Your lawyer will explain your situation to you based on the charge report. They will also discuss possible strategies to defend against them and a possible path out.

Let Your Lawyer Fight in Court

You might need to enter the witness stand in a court. Your lawyer will defend you in court to either have the penalty reduced or eliminated. Cooperate with them in every way.

The law is harsh on those found possessing drugs in Chicago. Not all hope is lost though they might be bogging you down. A criminal lawyer in Chicago can prevent the law from chaining you over it, or loosen its grip, at least.

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