How To Make A Safe Room In An Existing Building

How To Make A Safe Room In An Existing Building


A safe room is an important part of good home security and is something that every home should have. Home safe rooms are easy to create, and there can help in life and death. Have a quick and easy guide on how to set up a safe room in your home.

What Area Should a Safe Room Be?

If you have a house or apartment, creating a safe room/panic room is relatively easy. Your first step is to establish which room you want to put in the safe room. It would help if you look and explore a place that:

  • There is a door
  • Is an escape area (such as a window)
  • Access phone.
  • Quick and easily accessible
  • Can fit your whole family
  • There is room for provisions.
  • There are limited glass windows.
  • Receives cellular reception
  • Safe Room doors

 When constructing a safe room, you should be most concerned with separating the door from the rest of the house. It would help if you chose a solid core metal or wooden door. They are available from your local home depot and are reasonable to install. Next, select at least two locks. We recommend Deadbolt and Chain. Chain locks are great because if the attacker kicks your door, it can break the deadbolt. However, it will most likely be closed by the channel. Also, slide laces can be attached up and down.

Install a home security system

Installing a security system at home is a great way to help strengthen your home safe room. It is a good method to install one of the security system panels in the safe room to alert the authorities about the room’s safety.

 While there are many large security companies, you should look for the best firm.

Building Your Safe Room

  • Safe Choose the best room for your safe room.
  • Install a solid core door with Ks locks
  • make sure you have a first aid kit.
  • Add self-defense (gun, taser, pepper spray, etc.)
  • Install anti-theft window film
  • Install a sound protection system and place a security system panel in your room
  • Install security cameras throughout the house with a monitor in your safe room

Safe Rooms for Tornadoes/Hurricanes

The safe room criteria for a home invasion are slightly different from safe rooms from tornadoes and hurricanes. In most cases, the safest room for a home invasion would be the bedroom. In many cases, the bedrooms are located on the upper level of multistory houses. You may want to look at the first floor or basement in a tornado event, not the house’s second floor. The room should have a durable stone, brick, or concrete wall and ceiling. You want to stock up on enough water, food, and first aid in the room. Your room should also have a radio that can transmit to local EMS (no major hurricane or tornado cell phone will probably work). Your safe room should also be outside the flood zone, especially in the event of a hurricane.

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