How to use cbd dog treats to train your dog

How to use cbd dog treats to train your dog


Don’t we all love our pets? Not only they gave us unconditional love and affection but an excuse as well to engage in some much-needed fun. However, even the sweetest and most loving dogs are capable of bad behaviour. Do you have a dog that you believe is “untrainable”? Regardless of how much care you give them, they consistently cause turmoil in your home. Managing a dog who refuses to settle down is a highly irritating situation, especially when it results in excessive barking, jumping, chewing on furniture, leash tugging, or other undesirable behaviours.

Fortunately, dogs react quite well to good training, especially when it begins while they are young. What is the key to eventually getting your dog to listen to you? The ideal option is to establish a solid training programme that employs gentle and caring training methods. However, if you’ve tried everything and are at a loss for what to do, you could try CBD. Cannabidiol, specifically CBD dog treats, is now being used as an incentive by more dog trainers. What is CBD oil for dogs, and how can you use it to help you teach your dog properly? Let’s go through everything you need to know.

So, how CBD works on pets? 

The cannabinoids in the oil interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in your dog’s central and peripheral nervous systems, providing a soothing effect to the brain. This relaxing effect helps dogs who are restless, or hyperactive feel relaxed. When your dog is calm, it is much easier for them to focus on you, which is beneficial while teaching your dog. CBD products specifically meant for dogs provides a range of health benefits because a dog’s physiology and endocannabinoid system is the same as ours, they can benefit from CBD in the same way that we do. 

What should I know before giving CBD oil to my pet?

The effect of CBD oil for dogs will eventually wear off and your pup will be back to his/her “normal” self. Nothing will modify your dog’s behaviour permanently unless you medicate him around the clock (which is neither safe nor healthy). When you use CBD-based food or treats or drops for your dog, you open up a window of opportunity during which you may teach your dog good behaviour while they are calm and focused. When you put in the time and effort to teach your dog to trust and listen to you, those skills will transfer to times when your dog is not medicated.

The system is quite simple. Give your dog a CBD oil treat or CBD oil drops before starting training and/or undertaking any activity that could over-excite or make your dog uncomfortable.

CBD oil for dogs takes time to interact with and stabilize your dog’s system. Giving your dog CBD treats or CBD oil on a regular and consistent basis will produce the best results. Most CBD products take around a month to show consistent CBD benefits for your dog.

So we are saying, 

Most training methods use food laced with CBD oil as a type of positive reward. This allows them to associate good behaviour with obtaining food, which helps them maintain good behaviour throughout their lives. However, these benefits can only be seen if one gives them the right dosage. Hempstrol is one such brand in India that sells cbd oil for pets India and has a specific line for their pets. They also provide online medical consultations done by their vets to help you understand the dosage meant for your dog.

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