Is It Safe To Buy Cenforce Online To Cure ED

Is It Safe To Buy Cenforce Online To Cure ED


Erectile dysfunction can be a very big problem for men. Most men between the ages of 40 to 70 have this problem. It is crucial to get this problem treated as soon as possible. When men face this problem, it can affect their sexual life with their partner.

What do you mean by erectile dysfunction? 

By erectile dysfunction, we mean the inability to keep erectile through the time of intercourse. Most men can have erection trouble from time to time. They need not worry about it if it occurs temporarily. But those who have this problem for a long time can cause stress, affect your relationship, and also have a negative impact on your self-confidence. When men face the problem of not keeping an erection, they should visit the doctor, as it is a sign of underlying health conditions such as heart disease.

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How does an erection occur? 

Many men can face erectile dysfunction on different stages of an erection. Men get an erection when there is blood flow to the penis. And the blood flow can occur when you have sexual thoughts or direct contact with the penis. After a man gets sexually stimulated, the penis muscles relax, providing the blood to flow easily in the penile article and it fills two chambers. Once these chambers get filled with blood, the penis eventually turns rigid.

What causes erectile dysfunction? 

Both the physical and emotional conditions can cause erectile dysfunction. Some of the causes are:

  Peyronie’s disease

  Diabetes

  Anxiety

  High cholesterol

  Cardiovascular disease

  Drug use

  Consumption of tobacco products

  Obesity

  Sleep disorder

  Low testosterone level

  Hypertension

  Depression

  Parkinson’s disease

  Relationship problems

  Old age

  Kidney problem

  Damage in the pelvic area due to injury or surgery

  Use of certain medication

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to a number of other reasons. Hence one should consult a doctor to determine the cause and see if it happens due to any underlying problem.

How can one treat their erectile dysfunction? 

Nowadays men can find a variety of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Some men also require a mix of treatment, such as therapy and medication.

o   Medication

When men visit the doctor for their erectile dysfunction; they first suggest to try some medication. Most of the time, medication can help with erection problems. Among many medicines, the doctors often recommend Kamagra oral jelly and cenforce.

Can I buy cenforce online? 

Cenforce is a general Viagra that doctors prescribe when men have erectile dysfunction. This was first launched by an Indian based multination. Men have found that cenforce helped them with impotence. People also know erectile dysfunction as impotence and cenforce have worked for men between the age of 18 to 65 years. Even men can buy it online, and they get the drug in 4 different fruit flavors such as banana, orange, pineapple, and strawberry. In each pack, one can find 7 tablets.

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What do you mean by cenforce? 

We know that cenforce is a general Viagra, but it gets formulated in a unique way. In each 25 gram of cenforce tablet, it contains Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg. The Sildenafil Citrate helps to treat erectile dysfunction. When men take this drug, they can get an erection, which lasts up for 4 to 6 hours. These tablets can easily dissolve in water with a fizz. Hence one does not taste the bitterness when taking this medicine.

What is the right dosage for cenforce? 

Medical professionals would ask you to take one tablet of cenforce daily. One can easily dissolve the medicine in water and take it. Men should take the medicine at least half an hour to an hour before indulging in sexual activities. Although cenforce does not react with food, but one should still take the medication in an empty stomach to get the best result. One should not have grapefruit juice or grapefruits with this drug. Also, make sure to have sexual stimulation after consuming the medicine.

What can happen if someone overdoses on cenforce? 

Most men take a tablet of cenforce daily to treat their erectile dysfunction. One should have it in an empty stomach to get the best result but if men overdose then they can see certain side effects. Some of the symptoms of over overdose are:

Loose motion


Blurred vision


Damage to the optic nerve

Increased heartbeat

Muscle breakdown

Pain in the penile area

Side effects of cenforce tablets 

Minor side effects include palpitation, flushing, nausea, nose bleed, diarrhea, and insomnia, nasal congestion, tearing in the eyes, buzzing and ringing in the ears.

Severe side effects include headache, bloody or cloudy urine, pain during urination, disturbance in vision, indigestion, sensitivity to light, dizziness, numbness and tingling in the arms and feet.

Rare side effects include loss of vision, sudden loss of hearing or deafness, color blindness and not being able to tell the difference between blue and green, and a prolonged erection, usually more than 4 hours.

How should one take the cenforce tablet? 

As mentioned earlier, one should take a single cenforce tablet each day. With a fizz, the tablet can easily dissolve in water. As soon as the tablet dissolves, drink the water to help the drug mix properly in our body. Doctors often suggest having this medicine in an empty stomach. Make sure you take the drug at least one hour to half an hour before indulging in sexual activities. Also, you need to have some sexual stimulation for the drug to work properly. Make sure not to have more than one tablet of cenforce within 24 hours. It is important to tell your doctors about the various medicines you take prior to starting cenforce. Also, avoid having grapefruit and its juice.

One should not have any problem buying cenforce online. Men can get various dosages of this drug available on the market. But before starting this medication, make sure to consult your physician.

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