Merchant Acquiring: benefits

Merchant Acquiring: benefits


In today’s world, e-commerce has rapidly become a prominent industry. Companies are increasingly setting up an online platform where their customers can shop while sitting in their homes’ comfort. Besides the Cash on Delivery payment method, retailers provide the option to purchase via credit/debit cards.

Card payments are processed by a third party known as Merchant Acquirers. Their purpose is to collect these payments from cardholders, process them, and send them to merchants’ accounts. Using acquiring services can prove to be beneficial to online businesses.

Easy process

There is always a risk when it comes to cash on delivery (COD) payment. Retailers run the risk of not getting paid/delayed payment if, for example, the customer is not at home when their order is delivered. Card payments prove to be convenient for both merchants and customers. It is a quick process whereby payment is processed in seconds.


Having a merchant acquiring service to process online payments comes with increased security against fraud and sensitive data breach. They take responsibility for conducting safe transactions. This, added with security measures the retailer has put for their website, enhances card transactions’ safety to a great extent. There are lesser chances of fraudulent transactions and the customers’ personal information remains safe.

Increased sales

People may not go through with their purchases if the transaction process takes too long, is lengthy, and/or requires too much information. Some have a habit of impulse buying. They may think twice and decide against buying something. The quickness of card payments counters this. There are no lengthy forms that customers have to fill in, just their card details. The whole process takes a few seconds, thus making it convenient for people. This, in turn, increases sales volume.

Cashless payments and Covid-19

During an on-going pandemic, people tend to avoid anything that requires going somewhere and meeting someone unless they must do so. They may not be too keen on going to a physical store or have cash deliveries where they have to come into contact with the delivery person. Merchants providing card payment on their websites are easier for both their customers and themselves.


Overall, acquiring services make card payments a possibility. Offering credit/debit card payments provide benefits to both the business and its customers. For the merchant, it ensures they are paid and that there is an increase in sales. For the customers, it is a suitable option in terms of ease, swiftness, and safety.

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