Reddy Kancharla Points Out Few Successful Construction Project Management Strategies

Reddy Kancharla Points Out Few Successful Construction Project Management Strategies


Building construction is not an easy task. Multiple types of professionals undertake diverse tasks in order to successfully complete a construction project. Reddy Kancharla mentions that proper construction management is needed in all construction projects, to ensure that it is completed within the relevant deadline and is able to meet the required standards. Project management basically implies to the techniques involved in overseeing the planning, designing and ultimate construction of a project.

All construction projects have a specific set of objectives constraints. They are required to meet certain quality standards, as well as must be completed within the set budget and deadline. As mentioned by Reddy Kancharla construction project management is largely involved with meeting these objects, so as to ensure optimal client satisfaction. This process also ensures that all parties involved with the project, such as architects, contractors, and suppliers remain on budget and schedule.

Being a qualified and experienced professional, Reddy Kancharla has an extensive knowledge of engineering theories, principles, and practical solutions related to the domain of construction. This makes him a perfect candidate to talk about various important construction project management strategies. Here are a few of them:

  • Create a flow of communication: Proper flow of communication is vital in every phase of a construction project. It is crucial that adequate communication is maintained among all parties, to reduce any chances of discrepancies and errors. Proper communication would ensure that a high level of transparency is maintained in the construction process as well. Having a work execution platform online, where all the important project details, photos, documents, and timeline can be synced would be a great way to maintain a proper flow of communication.
  • Make a habit of continuous planning: Planning for a construction project must be started way before the actual construction begins. These plans should be revised with the progress of the construction process, until the project is completed. In addition to the actual construction phase, the design and pre-construction stages of a project also require extensive planning. Professionals must always be ready to make changes in the plan as per the current situation.
  • Stay-up-to-date: The on-site elements can dramatically influence the workflow of any construction project. Hence, it is important to get familiarized with the construction site and all the tasks being carried out there, to ensure competent construction project management. Construction is an evolving industry where new and innovative advancements, safety requirements, practices and equipment come into being every year. One needs to be well acquainted with all the latest construction tools and trends, to ensure that a project is completed in the best possible manner.

Apart from the points mentioned above by Reddy Kancharla,

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companies must use a variety of modern tools to monitor their budget and expenses. As numerous types of expenses are involved in the process of construction, the tracking and monitoring of finances manually without the assistance of software is neither practical nor feasible. Hence, it is vital to use cutting-edge digital tools for it.

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