The Role of Ear Wax Spray for a Better Hearing Experience

The Role of Ear Wax Spray for a Better Hearing Experience


Ear wax is nothing but the body’s procedure of lubricating and protecting the ear. In reality, people hardly need to clean up their ears. However, sometimes debris and ear wax may build up in the ears. Cerumen is the other name of ear wax. When we chew or move, earwax is pushed by our jaws from the canal to the outer ear. With time, it dries and flakes off.

Many of us are unaware that earwax has antibacterial properties that help protect people from infections. Cleaning too often can dry up ears and make them itchy. Using a cotton swab to clean ear wax, push it further back into one’s ear.

DIY Methods Or Consulting Doctors?

Some people try DIY techniques to clean ear wax. However, the safest way is to consult a health practitioner who knows using equipment like forceps or a suction device. Outer portions can be cleared off by a wet tissue or piece of cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Solutions of mineral oil, glycerine, hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide may help in ear drops. Some use irrigation kits too, but that is not recommendable for everyone, for it may have side-effects.

DIY methods are not advisable since it slows down the natural procedure of earwax removal. It can also get the swab stuck in the ear or injure the eardrum.

According to the United States Food and Drug Association, an earwax candle is the most harmful thing to use. It can cause bleeding, create holes in the membrane between the middle ear and ear canal, or puncture an eardrum.

Why Ear Wax Spray?

Ear wax spray is suitable for adults, children, and infants. It offers the easiest solution to clean ear wax for it gets dissolved into the solution. After the application, people may suffer from little irrigation. This spray is helpful to remove the ear wax within hours. It is indeed a safer alternative to cotton earbuds. Unlike a drop, it needs to be sprayed simply at any position.

Older people who use hearing aids or children face the problems of excess ear wax. An ear wax spray consists

  •       Squalene
  •       Mineral oil
  •       Spearmint oil

The ingredients together act as the liquefiers for the ear wax. It has a splendid odor. On average, it costs $17 in the U.S.A.

When To Consult A Physician?

People can witness minor hearing loss, sensation, earache, and irritation. Earwax blockage may lead to fluid draining from the ear, acute infection, and pain. If someone comes across any of the health hazards stated above, he must consult a physician immediately.


Earwax has a role to play in our body, for it protects ears from bacteria. It leaves the body naturally without interference. People must use safe methods at home, and they should keep themselves barring from inserting any object into the ears. It is always better to consult doctors than to use DIY techniques for ear wax removal.

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