Tips to follow when booking a hotel room

Tips to follow when booking a hotel room


Whenever you are traveling due to any reason, it is very important that you are staying at comfortable accommodation. It will be the place where you will come at the end of the day and would want to take a rest. Apart from the comfortable rooms, the accommodation should also have other services that will ease your stay. Leisure activities like a swimming pool, gaming center, dining room, and fitness center will level-up your stay. Properly research the hotels and the rooms before booking so that you do not have any difficulties while staying at the hotel.

Choose a room that not only has a comfortable bed and beautiful ambiance but also provides several amenities and a beautiful view like Taj Lands End MumbaiIt has magnificent rooms with a beautiful view outside, has experienced and trained staff, provides medical services like doctor on call, recreational facilities like jacuzzi, spa, swimming pooland so many more amenities. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is just 11 kilometers away from the hotel. The location is apt because of easy access to the nearby railway station, airport, market, shopping center, and harbor cruise.

Keep following suggestions in mind before booking a hotel room-

1. Book in advance

It is advisable to book your hotel rooms in advance of your stay. In this way, you will find a good room of your choice. If you book your room on the day you reach the hotel, you may not find a room of your own choice. Therefore, try to book a hotel online through booking websites and selecting the room which suits your needs.

2. Location of the room

You can book the room according to the location preferred by you. Many people like the rooms that offer an amazing and beautiful view outside. You can filter the search based on a room with a view. Some people prefer a room on the highest floors while some prefer it to be on lower floors. Some guests want their room away from escalators, elevators, stairs, dining room, nightclub, or any other common space for guests. Corner rooms are also the popular choice of many guests. You can choose the room which suits your needs. You can filter your search based on these classifications. If these options are not available on the booking sites then you can call the hotel and tell them your preferences, and they will cooperate.

3. Online photos

Check the photos of the rooms and you can get an idea of the condition of the rooms. Try to review the photos of the guests who stayed as it will show you a true picture. You can also check photos posted by the hotel and compare those photos with the pictures posted by the guests. This can show you if the hotel posted true photos of the room or not.

4. Reviews of guests

The guests generally rate the room and write about their experiences in the reviews section of the booking websites. Check those reviews before booking the room. They will mention if they had a good experience, ambiance of rooms, condition of rooms, quality of room service, and other relevant topics. If the majority of reviews and ratings are positive, then you are good to go.

5. Hotel booking websites

Try to book your hotel room from the hotel booking websites. You can compare the prices of rooms across various hotels. Apart from that, these websites offer various deals and discounts. You can even sign up on their websites and download their apps to avail yourself of more deals that are for the members. Some websites offer you a free room for one night if your hotel bookings have crossed a certain number. You can even get a points card which will give you points for your every stay, and later redeem this card for a hotel room.

6. Cleanliness

Ensure that room are properly cleaned every day. You can check this on the hotel website. You do not want to use the bedroom that was used by other guests unless it is cleaned properly. During the pandemic, the hotel staff should properly sanitize the hotel room and bathroom. The bed sheets should be changed and toilets should be disinfected every day. There should be no foul smell in the room. Some hotel rooms use room fresheners of different fragrances.

7. Services offered

Apart from a clean and comfortable room, you should also see the other services offered by the hotel. The hotel should provide timely room service. Many hotels offer complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, bar, jacuzzi, spa, lounge, exotic food and drinks in the dining room, free parking, salon, and other services like babysitting. Check for these services as they will make your stay convenient and refreshing.

8. Size of the room

The size of the room depends upon the number of people traveling together. If you are a single person or a couple staying together, then you can go for a double bedroom or king bedroom. A twin bedroom will be preferable if you are a couple traveling with children or a group of three to four adults. The beds should also be comfortable so that your tiredness goes away the next time. Check the guest reviews to determine the quality of beds or you can contact the hotel directly.

9. Cancellation rules

Check the hotel policy regarding its room cancelation. Many guests book their rooms in advance. There could be an emergency or you may have to postpone or prepone your travel plans. In such a case, you should ensure the hotel has a cancelation policy. Several hotels allow for free cancelation of their rooms before a particular date or before check-in time while some hotels do not refund your charges for the room when you cancel your booking. Confirm the cancelation policy before booking your room.

When booking a room, make sure you follow all the above tips as it will get you the best room and make your stay easy and convenient. Taj Lands End Mumbai provides high-class services to its guests along with its luxurious and comfortable hotel rooms. If you are looking to stay in Mumbai, then book your rooms with us for a splendid experience.

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