Can’t afford brand new cars? Thinking of buying a second-hand car? If you don’t have the budget for brand a brand new car, then a pre-loved car is a great option. A second-hand car is not bad for budget-conscious Filipino drivers. The good side is, you can look for a particular model you love that is affordable and saving you the hassle from monthly amortization and long term debt.

Well, second-hand cars do not always have their good side. Sometimes instead of saving, you find yourself paying costly repairs and inconvenience. However, downsides can be avoided. Buying second-hand cars need careful research and thorough checking, especially with its performance. Before buying a second-hand car, here are some tips when buying pre-loved cars. (Also, take a tour in listing all cars)

Do Your Research

The very first thing to do when buying a second-hand car is to have some research. Look for car make and model that has good performance and reliable. Check on the car’s background, quality, and weaknesses and take note of them. Don’t forget to check the car’s resale value.


After doing thorough research, physically inspecting the car should be the next thing to do. Make sure that when inspecting, it should be on broad daylight, good weather, parked on a leveled surface, and should not have been driven at least an hour before checking. It would be best if you bring your trusted mechanic. Here are the parts that should be thoroughly checked upon physical inspection:

A.)    Exterior/Interior

Since it is a used car, expect that there are some imperfections in its exterior and interior parts. But make sure that these parts are presentable and still in good shape. Look for dents, rusts, and scratches on its body. Check the paint if there are fillers or patches. Also check the door panels, joints, seals, rubber seals, and tires. In this way, you can identify if the car has been carefully used.

B.)    Performance

After checking on the exterior, the most important checking that must be done is the car’s performance. First, make sure that the engine is working properly. Check for oil leaks. It should have a good battery, electrical system, and a quick ignition. The engine cooling system should be properly working too. Second, check the car’s transmission. It should immediately change gears without delay whether it’s an automatic or manual and third, brakes and suspension. Don’t forget the most important part—brakes. Make sure that hand and foot brake systems are working the same goes with the shock absorbers.

C.)    Controls

Lastly, do not forget to check on this part. Make sure that the control buttons are working too. The head, tail, and signal lights are good. The air-conditioning and heating systems are good and same with wipers and horn. The sound systems and other infotainment an extra but it is better if they’re working too.

Great! Now you’re ready to buy a second

hand car. Don’t forget the tips above to save you from the hassle and don’t forget to check out the best deals in car sales online.

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