What is the list of equipment you must have in the game?

What is the list of equipment you must have in the game?


Field hockey is a sport that is played by different countries where. It makes the second biggest team sport. But now the sport is booming in the competitive and regional leagues and other tournaments by the province or club. It is familiar to children, students, and adults. But depending on what part of the team, a parent or a coach, every field hockey needs equipment before starting the game. The guide will help you look for what you need and know how to get the right gear at http://ritualhockey.com/.


It is one of the critical pieces that you need to have. You need to look for the one that fits with your height, comfort, position, and level of play. There are specific methods and recommendations that you will know when you choose the best stick for your needs.


With the usual wear and use, your stick will have to lose its grip from time to time. It is not hard to change it, but you will need to buy a new handle grip to ensure that you will not slip your stick every time you play.


Playing in a field to turf, you will need to get the right shoes. Field hockey cleats are the best for outdoor grass fields as they give the best control. You can buy turf shoes that are made for artificial fields. The court shoes are the best for indoor games, and you need more grip.


Playing field hockey is less physical contact. There will be times when there are accidents and collisions with a fast-moving field hockey ball. It will prevent you from getting injured when wearing a mouthguard to avoid any contact or unexpected pop-up.

Practice ball

You need to use a ball to practice your skills before you hit the actual game. You need a personal ball to use when you like practicing the game. Most players have their practice ball they can use whenever they want.

Practice clothing

Most players that are practicing need to bring clothes to make them feel comfortable while they are running. In the game field hockey, it is a fall sport where you need to wear clothes that are for warm and cool weather.

Electrical tape

You must change your stick to protect yourself from damage by covering the striking end with electrical tape. It is a bonus because it helps beginners to control the ball.

Shin guards

Because of the heavy sticks and balls included in the game, using a shin guard will give ankle-to-knee protection. You will not expect to have the same protection from other types of shin guards where. You need to ensure to buy the best that is made for the sport.

Rash guards and socks

You must wear socks during the game to keep the shin protection together and avoid from getting blisters. Wearing a rash guard can be optional, but it will help lessen the irritation from shin guards.

No matter what kind of skill level, every player needs to have essential items that are important for play and practice. When you can choose the best gear by depending on your preference, there are some things you must ensure that you have the right stick to use.

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