3 iconic clothing items from around the world

3 iconic clothing items from around the world


Regardless of the continent you live on, there are a few things that always make your homeland stand out from the others. Whether we’re talking cuisine, art, music, and so on, the one thing that stands above them all is definitely fashion. You can easily determine where a person comes from based on their style and some trademark clothes, which I’m about to go through in a second.

The Kimono

The Japanese really outdid themselves on this one. The kimono is one of the simplest, yet most stylish pieces of clothing a person can think of. The versatility, elegance, and beauty of the kimono are what make this garment the crown jewel of Japanese fashion. As of late, this work of art has been widely adopted as a fashion statement in the western world as well, creating a fantastic harmony between the simplicity of the east and the glam of the west. A piece that can be worn by itself or as a fancy overcoat, the kimono is probably the most iconic and versatile oriental clothing item that one can think of.

Aran Sweaters

Originally handcrafted in the Aran Islands by fishermen’s wives, this timeless piece of art has been first used as a protection for the said fishermen against the hardships of the sea. Made of a unique type of wool, called Merino wool, the Aran sweater is virtually impermeable and can withstand cold, humidity, and tough winds as if they were mere breezes. Not to mention the appealing patterns stitched on these tops! The idea was to create as many patterns as there were clans on the island, so as to wear these amazing sweaters as a portable coat of arms. Nowadays, the Aran sweater is possibly the most versatile item of European clothing and has been worn by countless A-tier celebrities as a powerful fashion statement. If you’re interested in buying one of these, you can get your own Aran sweater at https://www.tarairishclothing.com/.

The Hawaiian Shirt

As silly as it may sound, when you think of beach parties that will forever remain imprinted in your memory, you probably think of yourself drinking a Pina Colada directly from coconut and wearing one of these bad boys in Hawaii! These casual, comfy shirts have definitely become a trend for people who are laid back, relaxed, and always looking for a party to attend! The vibrant colors and the flowery patterns make these American products undeniably unique and an overall trademark of what Hawaii stands for in everybody’s minds: party all summer long, baby!

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