5 Beautiful Sun Shade Layout Designs For Your Property

5 Beautiful Sun Shade Layout Designs For Your Property


Shade sails became highly popular over the past few years. It is one of the most fuss-free and affordable ways to provide shade to your deck or patio. You may also use this to provide a pop of colour to your home. Shade sails can also add more aesthetics to your outdoor space. 

Because of its increasing popularity, there are plenty of sun shade designs that are now available in the market. If you plan to look for the best sun shade sail that suits your property, here are some of the shapes and layouts you may choose from. 

Square Or Rectangular Hypar Design

Shade sails with parabolic hypar design that uses a single rectangular or square shade sail have become very famous among homeowners since it combines all the essential elements needed in outdoor shades. It has a great look and offers exceptional shade coverage. It also provides better resistance to rain and wind compared to the flat, two-dimensional layout. It can be accomplished by securing two opposing corners tied at a low point located at the same distance from the ground and the other two opposing corners tied at a higher point from the same distance. 

Multiple Rectangles Or Squares 

Bringing together several rectangular or square shade sails is ideal for providing shade to a larger outdoor area. You can do it by installing two shade sails next to each other or arranging it with a little overlap. If you do the latter, it will prevent gaps in between the shades. However, you need to keep at least a 12-inch distance between the sails to prevent damages to the fabric due to chafing. 

Slanted Triangle 

If you wish to deviate from the usual rectangular or square shades, you may choose the slanted triangle option. The angle can offer a beautiful effect on the shaded area while also letting water run-off when it rains. A slope of approximately 15 degrees is recommended to allow it to provide the best run-off. 

Multiple Triangles 

Slanted triangles may look good, but it cannot provide ample coverage for larger areas. If you plan to use triangle shade sails, you may use multiple triangles to create beautiful and unique shades with utmost coverage. You may achieve this by attaching them side to side or with a slight overlap, like what you can do with square or rectangular shades. 

Square/Rectangular And Triangle Combinations

You may choose to combine triangle, square and rectangular shade sails to come up with an exceptional and one-of-a-kind shade appearance in a larger area. You may form a pentagon shape by putting a triangular sail on top of a square. You may also cover the seam of two squares placed alongside each other with a triangle overlapping in the centre. You may also come up with other positions to achieve a new look. 

Transforming your outdoor area to make it an extension of your living space using shade sails can make it more attractive. They can be a less expensive option compared to awnings, covered porches, or pergolas. It is also more durable and attractive compared to umbrellas. Since there are plenty of designs and layouts to choose from, you will never run out of options to accommodate your tastes and needs, and you only need to make sure that you invest in shade sails with high-quality materials. It is guaranteed that you will enjoy the comfort and protection these shades can bring, for years.

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