Mammoplasty: Things You Should Know Before Shaping It Up

Mammoplasty: Things You Should Know Before Shaping It Up


A woman’s body shape is of great importance to her. Many women in Australia opt for mammoplasty to enhance their body shape. A mammoplasty, or breast augmentation, is a surgery done to increase or decrease breast size. Breast Augmentation or enhancement is the most common mammoplasty in Sydney. It costs around 6,000 to 12,000 AUD to get breast augmentation in Sydney. It is also advisable to approach well-trained plastic surgeons, who have great experience in the field, to discuss the options.

Shape and Size

Women mostly opt for breast augmentation to enhance their breast size. But actually, the size is only of secondary importance. Plastic surgeons would suggest that women should opt for breast augmentation according to their body size. Breast augmentation not just increases breast size, but can also improve the chest shape and enhance the curves. An important consideration would be the overall shape of the woman’s body rather than just her breasts. 

Breast augmentation can also help correct any asymmetry in the torso area. Usually, women’s breasts are not of uniform size, and mammoplasty can alter this. This asymmetry might be something they have had since birth, or as a result of weight-loss or pregnancy. Whatever the reason is, breast augmentation can help women shape their chest to their will.

How Does It Work?

A breast augmentation surgery or breast augmentation mammoplasty is done by implanting a sac in the breast. The sac is placed either behind or within the breast muscles. Usually, the sac contains a sterile saline solution or silicone gel. These are the best materials for the surgery as they maintain the supple feel of breasts and are the most durable.


Before the surgery, the surgeon will examine the breasts, and give recommendations for the sac size. The size of the breast implants are measured in cubic centimetres (cc). Implants range from 100cc to 1200cc. Most women opt for 300cc to 400cc. This size of implants can make the breast fill a C-cup bra.


The procedure requires an incision on or around the breasts. If the surgery is to correct asymmetry problems, then the incision will only be on one bosom. In other cases, incisions on both breasts are necessary. The surgeon makes the incision under the breast, by the underarm or, around the nipple. The sac is inserted through this incision behind the pectoral muscle, or in front of it. The surgeon then places it to the centre of the nipple for the ideal shape. The incision is then closed using sutures and skin adhesive. This surgery does not require in-hospital care, so the person who received the surgery can go home the same day.


After the surgery, the surgeon will clearly explain the procedures to care for the implants to ensure their longevity. Swelling, scarring and bruising are all normal post-surgery and will begin to fade eventually. The surgeon may even prescribe pain medication to alleviate any discomfort after the surgery. This procedure has a very minimal chance of complications, and so it will not hamper the person’s regular activities for long.

Dos and Don’ts

The surgery is not a very complicated procedure. But there are a few care-instructions the person receiving the surgery should follow during the first few weeks to maintain the breast implants in the long-term. They are:

Wearing a sports bra for the first few weeks

Not engaging in physically demanding activities

Not engaging in any activity that can raise blood pressure or body’s temperature.

No physical contact or any other activity that can agitate the breasts.

Go for any follow-up appointments or removal of sutures if necessary.

Breast augmentation procedures are the most hassle-free of plastic surgery. Many women in Sydney opt for them every year. The number of breast augmentation in Sydney increases by almost 1% every year. It is the safest and easiest surgery when done by professionals, and every woman can shape it up any way she wants.

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