5 Best Ways For Kids To Practice Spelling Words

5 Best Ways For Kids To Practice Spelling Words


We all acknowledge that we can’t get any excellence and acquire any skill without putting it into practise, so the more you practise the better it gets.As learning ignites the curiosity within us, particularly in children, they always learn new things everyday especially words, from their surroundings.

A strong vocabulary helps children learn, understand and communicate efficiently, and for that they need to learn and memorise unfamiliar words which can be a bit complicated and a slow slog, but practise makes them better.

We got 5 best ways for your child to practice his /her spelling words like an expert.

1)     Spelling Word Board

Children learn more whilst they play and when it comes to learning, always be imaginative and enjoyable because in that way your child can learn while having tonnes of fun. Spelling word board is a game where certain portions can be rendered on a board, and each of the portions has a creative way to write the spelling words.

Here are some ideas you can try.

  • Draw a picture of the word in one portion.
  • Write each letter of the word in different colours
  • Write the word upside down..
  • Write a word with a marker.
  • Write the word in bold and huge letters.

      2)  Write Your Own Story Using Spelling Words

Children are always fond of listening to stories because stories play a critical role in shedding light on the artistry and creativity of children and offer new perspectives into their open minds.

So begin to make your child innovative and expand his mind towards the opportunity to discover different techniques to learn vocabulary words by encouraging them to write their own storylines from 7th grade spelling words,this method of learning will help them learn their spelling words and a lot more efficiently and accurately through practice.

3)  Tracing, Writing And Repeating

Looking for a quick and effective way for your child to memorize a spelling test for grade 7 which is around the corner?

Search no more because the tracing, writing and repeating tactics will help your child out with all the spellings he needs to learn. The idea of repeating and rewriting may sound a little bit of time consuming but even then the results are rewarding.

The concept of writing a single word thrice is that practicing and recalling similar term over two or three times would encourage the mind of the kids to keep the term within the mind for a long period of time with consistency, that is because spelling stuff down contributes towards continuous progress as well as an increased levels of comprehension.

Encourage your child to trace on the spelling word and then write it down on his own on a paper and repeat the process again. 

4)   Spellquiz

Spellquiz is an incredibly useful webpage for peers and educators to learn new spelling skills.

It provides a perfect learning experience to children with all its activities and learning tests and is a sigh of relief for tutors and mothers, as they put all their comfort aside to make their students / children learn new spelling words which no doubt is a pretty exhausting task to do.

Spell quiz provides multiple tasks for students such as spelling lessons, quizzes, sight word lessons, spelling bees and spelling tests for different grade levels according to the potential of the graders, 7 grade spelling tests will be adequate for 7 graders and is almost similar to the others.

Spell quiz also got a bonus exercise that includes listening comprehensions for kids which will aid in improving their listening and concentrating tactics, as well as writing speed.

The levels for spelling words in spell quiz starting from level 1 to all the way up to level 12 including adult spelling words.

5)  Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle

Exercising the brain of your kid is as important as exercising his body, it is quite obvious that if we stop moving and functioning, our body begins to catch diseases and eventually becomes futile. The same is true for the brain, and in order to keep it working we need to stimulate it and one of the effective methods to do so is to play brain games.

Crossword is one of the most popular and enjoyable games among kids. Searching words in a crossword is challenging and interesting at the same time but it will get more exciting if kids make their own crosswords out of their spelling words and give you to solve it. By doing so kids can practice their spelling in a more profound way, as they focus on placing the words between a bunch of letters in a sequence.

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