All you need to know about Salesforce

All you need to know about Salesforce


As a prospective user of Salesforce or a newbie, you have any questions on this seemingly popular platform. You have only heard or read that it’s a superior CRM platform, but you’ve no details about it. Reading this article will then help you understand what Salesforce is, the benefits, and why you need it in your business.

What is Salesforce?

This is the world’s best Customer relationship management (CRM) software with more than 150,000 subscribers worldwide. It’s an exclusively cloud-based platform with standalone applications for customer services, sales, and marketing, among other products in their comprehensive suite. Small and large businesses use Salesforce to store data, generate sales opportunities and leads, oversee the marketing campaigns, and most importantly, interact with customers at every touch point.

What Salesforce offers

Salesforce serves every aspect of the modern business and has a variety of product trees underneath its umbrella.

The products of Salesforce are based in the cloud and can be integrated with other applications like emails, content management systems seamlessly.

Salesforce is customizable, and this allows its users to build bespoke solutions to service their business needs.

The quality of your customers’ database will determine how successful your sales term will be. With the Salesforce CRM, the team can follow up on customers and address their specific needs, thus enhancing retention. For instance, a Salesforce Einstein AI module tracks where the lead came from, scores it, and uses such information to inform product penetration- which products and services are appropriate.

Salesforce allows you to visualize data and a sophisticated dashboard that enables you to forecast sales and track the team’s performance.

The modern customer wants immediate solutions to their problems, and if that doesn’t happen with you, your competitor will make it happen.

With Salesforce, you can build self-service customer portals while encouraging speedy and efficient interactions with the customers.

System requirements for Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform and doesn’t have minimum requirements like an on-premise CRM system. But you need internet connectivity, and it’s only compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple safari.

What are the current Salesforce releases?

Salesforce has committed to making new releases in summer, winter, and spring. Every release is usually focused on delivering a particular aspect that will make the customer journey integrated and improved data insights across several sales products.

The Cost of Salesforce certification

The cost here varies from path to path and reflects the complexity of the certification. You can register for all Salesforce developer certification exams online, and if you’re a professional, you can choose where to take the exam.

Who uses Salesforce?

Salesforce is an all-inclusive system that can be used by all branches of your business to gain, satisfy and retain customers. It’s useful for identifying new opportunities and for effective data administration.

If your organization’s lifeblood is sales, then the insight that you get through the system and reporting features should be a reason enough for you to adapt the Salesforce CRM platform.

Salesforce is all you need for your business to move to the next level. Talk to a reliable partner like Candoris salesforce consulting and walk through the journey of success.

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