How to Plant Peach Nectarine Fan Trees

How to Plant Peach Nectarine Fan Trees


Do you want to plant peach nectarine fan trees? Are you looking for some tips to plant the tree properly and ensure fast growth? If yes, you are in the right place. All the trees will have specific planting requirements. We will know how to plant peach nectarine fan trees in the following. Keep reading and have these trees in your garden.

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Tips to Plant Peach Nectarine Fan Trees

Step One: Dig a hole and make it a little deeper but wider twice than the root ball. Remove the soil from it and add some organic matter to it when you have clay soil. For the sandy and quick-draining soil, you can add compost. However, you do not need to add any of these when you have well-draining and fertile soil.

Step Two: Remove your tree from the pot carefully, and then you can place it in the hole and ensure that the root ball is at least 1-2 ” above the ground. You can add more soil to the bottom to get the desired height. Place the root ball and then fill the hole with the soil mixture. You can tap the native soil to create a raised mound. While putting the soil mixture in the hole, avoid the root ball top since the soil can suffocate it.

Step Three: Use the remaining soil mixture and build a water-retaining ring around the planting hole. The height of the water retaining ring needs to be about three to six inches depending on your tree size. The size of the tree will decide the water requirements.

Step Four: Use a high-quality fruit tree fertilizer on the top of the root ball. You can follow the instructions on the label to know the quantity. You can also use an organic fertilizer if available.

Step Five: After planting your tree, you can use water to fill the water retention area. Allow it to soak and follow it two times to create a favorable growing environment for the plant. When planting it in winter, you can focus more on the watering. However, you will have to avoid over watering. Make the soil moist, not soggy.

The planting will not require more effort and time if you buy peach nectarine fan trees from a reputed seller. Healthy plants will go faster, and upkeep requirements will be less.

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