All You Need to Know About Your RVs VIN

All You Need to Know About Your RVs VIN


Spending time in the RV is equivalent to spending time with the people you care about since the experience is adventurous. There are different styles and sizes of RVs, ranging from affordable towable trailers to lovely tour buses.

You can locate the recreational vehicle VIN decoder in different places. There are no specific places that manufacturers place them though crucial places to check include the engine or frame. Below is some essential information to give you a clear picture of everything you need to know about the RVs VIN.

What is a VIN?

The VIN plays a crucial role in identifying the RV’s serial number plus the model year. It is easy to view a VIN as some familiar characters though it is important to note that each character represents something. Some car enthusiasts find joy in translating these codes.

The recreational vehicle VIN decoder is found just below the windshield, above the corner of the dashboard. The exciting part is that the exact numbers are also spread all over the vehicle to prevent stolen parts from being sold.

Things You Should Provide as You Register Your RV

When tilting or registering your RV, you must put the complete unit to use. VIN; the one situated below the windshield of the driver’s side. Manufacturers include the complete unit VIN on the certificate of origin or the statement of origin when delivering the new RV to the dealer.

How Motorized RV VINs are Broken Down

It is easy to identify the manufacturer using the first three characters. Similarly, you can use the second section to identify the size of the engine and its brand. The check code is the third section.

Additionally, you can find information regarding the year of the model, the RV number, plus the manufacturing plant where the RV was manufactured in the fourth section. It is essential to keep in mind that the tenth digit will always represent the model year.

RVs May Have Several VINs

Some RVs are produced from a chassis produced by a third party. When manufacturing the RV, the manufacturer aligns the body of the incomplete vehicle into the retail one. However, they experience challenges when they discover that the incomplete vehicle has a VIN.

A complete vehicle is then issued with a second VIN by the RV manufacturer. Caution should thus be taken when the RV VIN is decoded since one can obtain necessary information from the different VIN.

Some of the Popular Locations of a VIN

  • Steering column
  • Radiator
  • Guarantee and maintenance book
  • The vehicle’s firewall
  • The front of the engine’s machine pad
  • The driver’s door
  • Parts like the frame and the engine

The recent models also have the VIN on the following locations

  • Firewall
  • Driver’s post or door
  • The window’s dash plate
  • Left instrumentation


Through these guidelines, you can verify the model year of the RV without any challenges. The tenth digit is the leading digit which represents the model year. Each time you browse for the towable trailer or the RV, that information is all you need to consider when driving.

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