How To Stay Safe When You’re at the Lake

How To Stay Safe When You’re at the Lake


When you live on a lake, you likely take full advantage of the fantastic times that the lake has to offer.  Your family likely enjoys swimming, water skiing, or even just sunning on a blow-up lounger. However, not being safe at the lake can quickly turn a great time into a terrible experience. Here are some ways that you can have a fun time at the water.

Never Swim Alone

No matter how experienced a swimmer you or someone in your family might be, you should never swim alone. A strong current can pull you out into the lake, making it hard for you to get back safely. Then, the more you struggle against the current, the more you tire yourself out, making it harder to keep yourself afloat. If you have someone with you, they can access tools to help you get to safety or call for help.

Focus on Weed Control

Weed control for lakes is vital in helping the clarity of the water. If you enjoy getting out on the water and boating, you’ll have a much harder time seeing what is in the water below you. The murky water could cause you to accidentally hit a swimmer that might be under the water.

Furthermore, when too many weeds build-up, it can be easy for boat props to become tangled in them. If the weeds are too thick, they can cause your boat to suddenly stop working, which could cause you to be thrown out of the boat.

Watch the Kids

Kids are curious creatures, and no matter how many times you instruct them to stay out of the water, they’re bound to go in. If you don’t keep your eye on them, they could go in and not be able to get themselves out again. Even if your children are wearing life jackets, never assume that they’ll be safe unattended. Some children have a hard time lifting their heads out of the water when the life jacket is pushing up on the back of their neck. No matter what you might have going on inside the house, it’s never going to be as important as your children’s life.

Don’t Drink When Swimming

If you love to enjoy a few adult beverages while you’re at the lake, then don’t go swimming in the lake. When you’re even slightly drunk, your decision-making skills are impaired, and your reflexes are slower than usual. If you’re feeling hot and need to cool down, sit at the edge of the water with your feet in, but never go for a swim

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