Beautify Your Kitchen with Indoor Plants

Beautify Your Kitchen with Indoor Plants


Plants add a fresh perspective to the home decor. And the kitchen is a very important part of the home yet is not considered when one starts decorating. So, let’s change this whole scenario by adding the fresh greenery to your kitchens. As it’s not common to do so, there must exist many questions; let’s answer all of that one by one.

What are the health benefits of indoor plants???

Not only do they add a charm to the decor but hold plenty of health benefits too. The fact that they have many benefits make them an essential piece of decor at any home. As we know that plants give oxygen, so this makes it the first and foremost important benefit of having indoor plants, they will increase the level of oxygen around you. And this is needed in today’s polluted world.

This is not all; there is another amusing fact that plants clean the air around us by removing the toxin vapours. These were only two of a whole long list.

What indoor plants will be perfect for the kitchen???

Well, there is a massive list of plants that work well in the kitchen. Indoor foliage plants are considered for home decoration because of their vibrant colours and interesting leaves, but that doesn’t mean they are the only one in the league. Here’s the list

Chinese Evergreen

Devils Ivy


Peace Lily

African Spear

And there are many more like these. You can get any of these in a local garden store or can order online as well.

And if you want to grow something more useful, then you can have your own herb garden in the kitchen.

How to create a kitchen herb garden???

Grow your own fresh herbs in the kitchen itself. All you need to do is just get some small pots, or you can use the thick paper bag as well. Fill it with soil, sow the seeds. Place the bags or pot where they can get proper sunlight and water them as required. Then all you gotta do is wait for your herbs.

You can grow as many herbs as you want and use them to add an absolutely tasty touch to any of your dishes.

Which are low maintenance indoor plants???

Well, if you don’t want to put a lot of efforts into maintaining the plants, then this list of low maintenance plants is for you.

ZZ Plant

Moth Orchid

Snake Plant

Ponytail Palm

Maidenhair Fern


Moss Terrarium

Jade Plant

Christmas Cactus



Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

These are some of the low maintenance indoor plants that can add charm to your kitchen decor. Now, you are almost there, here’s the last question then you will be all set to start decorating your kitchen with indoor plants.

Where to display plants in the kitchen???

Now you have some tips to make your kitchen green, the last question arises, which spot is best for the placement of plants?

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If you have got open shelves in your kitchen, that will be a perfect place to display them. If not, then you can place them near the windows, over the refrigerator or you can use a worktop corner as well.

Now, you are all set to begin with the decoration.

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