In today’s world of digitisation, surveillance has enhanced the monitoring system effectively. In the past, there have been specific places where peeping in was not a possibility, such as, schools and colleges et cetera. However, with the increased number of incidents that are taking place in schools, the parents are quite afraid of sending their kids to schools and keeping them away from their eyes.

This threat has now been handled quite well with the help of surveillance cameras being placed into the classrooms and in some of the advanced institutes the access to view the children is given to the parents as well. The suspect has become one of the prerequisites that the parents enquire from the administration while taking admission in their schools and colleges. And this certainly offer a lot of benefits and relief.

Of course, the first benefit that would crop up to your mind as well is that CCTV cameras help you be present even at the place where you are not physically present. And this is wonderful! Isn’t it? And there are more benefits, like:

· Be Aware of Occurrences

With the help of the CCTV cameras, there is a large that the administrators in joy of being able to keep a track of all the events that are happening in the classrooms. This is much better than a one-off visit by the administrators, where they would not know the actual situation.

·  Discipline Management

With students being aware of the CCTV cameras being placed at different places in the school premises as well as in the classroom, they tend to behave in a disciplined manner because they are aware that every action of theirs is being captured.

·  Attitude of Teachers

At times, it becomes difficult to understand the attitude of the teachers because the students are not very open to comment upon the behaviour pattern that the teachers exhibit. There have been instances of students being harassed by teachers lately. Therefore, it is important to know the way the teachers conduct themselves in the classrooms and if they are teaching well. All this can be monitored through the surveillance system effectively.

· Individual Monitoring

CCTV cameras framework is a good arrangement to keep an eye on every students act individually. There are certain naughty brats in every premises who tend to bully other students and disrupt the disciplined environment of the school. With surveillance system, the administrators can point out such kids and actions can be taken on them immediately.

· Assistance in Investigation

Even though the schools exist to impart education to the children, at times, there occurs certain disturbing incidents, which needs to be investigated. These may involve violence in the classroom, bullying or any injury that may have incurred from a fight. These incidents need to be investigated so as to know well who’s mistake was it prior to announcing any kind of punishment. The surveillance cameras play a very important role here which have the recording of all the incidents that take place in the classroom. The videos of these recordings can be seen so as to know the actual occurrences and take a decision which of course would be based on facts and not assumptions. Other times it’s a shooting that has prompted the authorities to do classroom surveillance. In further reaction, they have proceeded to purchase firearms & tactical equipment training for their teachers, as well as beefed-up security within their premises.

·  Immediate Attention to Emergencies

In case of a situation of emergency, safety of students is the prime concern that the administrators of the school hold. It is certain that the CCTV cameras can provide immense assistance in situations of emergency through track of every month. These cameras can actually be called as security guards of classroom but the added advantage is that CCTV scan even reach where humanise cannot. This provides a sense of relief to the parents as well, who are aware that the students are taken care of well in the school.

·  No Intruders Encouraged

It is quite obvious that schools do not encourage any crime and violence and in case there is an intruder in the premises it is important that they get caught instantly. In any case that any person in the school premises is a victim of an intruder entry, the gods and the administrators can take immediate action, trace the intruder, and catch hold of them in the right time.

· Evade Ragging

Even though the students are aware of the fact that ragging is not allowed in the school premises, they tend to resort to certain measures that me sometimes make the new joiners feel isolated and alone. When the students will know that they are under CCTV survey lens at all times, they would not resort to such practices and this would help in building a friendly and nice environment in the school.

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