Email marketing is a form of online advertising which businesses use to promote their brand products. It involves sending commercial email messages to the inbox of their customers. The platform allows businesses to interact with their customers on a personal level. As a result, they can customize their messages according to the specific preference of their customers.  In doing so, businesses can develop a special relationship with their customers and earn their loyalty. Email marketing leads to a consistent increase in sales and revenue for businesses that is not possible under traditional modes of advertisement.

eTargetMedia reviews –How can companies assess the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns?

eTargetMedia is an esteemed American company specializing in implementing email marketing campaigns for over 20 years. Its team of qualified professionals has been assisting businesses of all sizes in successfully executing their email campaigns. They provide a wide range of services for the owners of businesses. These include analyzing their targeted audience, create engaging messages, and develop landing pages to boost response. Today, the clientele of eTargetMedia consists of many Fortune 500 companies. Each of these customers expresses their satisfaction with the service they receive from this company on a regular basis. This is evident from positive eTargetMedia reviews on the company’s website.

Specialists from eTargetMedia say business owners need to assess the effectiveness 0f their email marketing campaigns regularly. Only then can they come to know whether these campaigns are attracting new customers or not. The following are the three key metrics to note-

Click Through Rate

The clickthrough rate is a percentage of recipients who click the links of email messages. This metric gives business owners an insight into customers’ purchasing habits and behavior. This is the time they take to browse through the content of messages.

2 Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the number of email subscribers who complete a specific call-to-action. They take the time to fill up a lead form in the link to the emails. Other email recipients may even buy a product. By analyzing this metric, businesses get an idea of whether customers like their products or not. They need to see whether they purchase the product or service offered. In this way, they can determine the anticipated revenue they can receive.

3 Forward rate

The forward rate refers to the number of subscribers who forward email messages to others. Business owners may initially ignore this metric as it does not indicate any sales generation. They need to realize whether their existing customers are acting as brand ambassadors by forwarding their emails to their network or not.

Most businesses need help when it comes to starting with an email marketing campaign. If one goes through the eTargetMedia reviews online, the company experts here help both small to large scale businesses to get the customized email marketing solutions they need. They help business owners to assess the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns they launch for their customers. Only then can they see a significant increase in sales and expand their existing client base.

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