Bikini Shopping Tips for Your Body Shape

Bikini Shopping Tips for Your Body Shape


Are you eager to wear a bikini to show off your beach body? Perhaps, it has been a while since the last time you have worn one, and it is time to purchase new bikinis online. When it comes to swimsuit shopping in accordance with your relationship to your body, things can get complicated. But remember, you must not feel the need to have the perfect body to be able to wear a bikini. You should wear anything that makes you confident and happy. 

There is a bikini for every body type. If you are looking for the most amazing bikinis for your specific shape, here are some useful tips to follow:

Swimwear for an hourglass shape

Do you have a small waist, full breasts, and curvy hips? If yes, a high-leg bikini style is an ideal choice for you. Choose a bikini in which the waistband is slightly above the hip bone to create a great impact. You may opt for a V dip style on your bikini top to emphasize your figure much further.  

Bikini for small breasts

When it comes to wearing a bikini, smaller breasts usually need less support. If you have a body shape like this, wearing a bandeau bikini is a perfect getup at the beach. Consider wearing a bandeau top that has a busy detail such as ruffles, frills, or bows. Also, wearing a padded bikini top will create a cleavage. 

Swimsuit for big breasts

Choosing a bikini with underwiring will provide you with extra support. Also, opt for something with adjustable straps and back clasp. There are crop swimwear styles that give just the right coverage for a body with a larger chest. If you want to play down the size of your breasts, wear a bikini with an animal print or a red swimsuit, as this colour tends to be slimming. 

Bikini for an athletic figure

Individuals who are athletic or physically active typically have a straight body both in the low and top parts. It means they have slimmer hips and smaller breasts. If you have an athletic shape, a retro swimsuit style will look amazing on you. Go for an underwired top to generate a bit of definition. Also, consider wearing bikinis with loud patterns to give your overall look oomph. 

Swimwear for apple body type

It means your body has slim legs, wider shoulders and bust, and a rounder stomach. For an apple shape, look for a high-leg bikini bottom to provide coverage to your tummy, and emphasize your great legs as well. A V-neck top style will help flatter your cleavage, and thin straps are perfect for your shoulders. 

Swimsuit for a pear form.

If you have this shape, you have wider hips than the upper parts of your body. Wearing a bikini top with details can create some sort of balance to your look. Avoid wearing boy shorts, as they can make your bottom appear even wider. Consider a triangle bikini top and a high-leg bottom.

Besides choosing the perfect style that will complement your body shape, confidence and comfort are also important factors to consider. If they make you feel beautiful and comfortable, then you may purchase those bikinis online. Also, do not forget to buy only high-quality swimsuits so you can wear them for as many times as you like.

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