The advantages and disadvantages of marble flooring

The advantages and disadvantages of marble flooring


We know how finishing a home is an endless hustle but our role is to ease everything for you. One of the things you’ll have to consider when building or remodeling your home is what type of flooring you’re going to use. A lot or good is being said about Black Luxury Vinyl Flooring which we agree with, however, we are keeping our focus today on marble flooring and its benefits. Here are some points to consider when considering whether or not marble flooring is right for your home.

Marble flooring advantages:

  1. Marble is available in variety range of colors, patterns and designs,
  1. Marble is very elegant, luxurious and beautiful more than any other material.
  1. It has a shiny look when it is polished.
  1. As marble is a unique material, when it is exposed to sunlight it shines and reflects the light to shine the whole room which gives space.
  1. It is not affected with hot weather which makes it the perfect choice in Kuwait because even if the weather is hot it will be cold beneath your foot.
  1. Marble can be used in many shapes not only as flooring but also making shapes as doorstep and for many other uses.
  1. If the joints or the pieces are matched correctly it will give a marvelous look.
  1. Marble is considered as the strongest and the most durable material which make it very reliable in the spaces with high traffic of people, it can withstand the pressure, the fall of heavy equipment on the floor which makes it heavy duty flooring.
  1. Marble flooring looks very nice in homes and interior designs.
  1. Marble is unlike any other flooring; it is fire, water and bugs resistant.
  1. Very easy to maintain and clean.
  1. Very friendly to those who suffer from allergy because it doesn’t hold dust.
  1. In case you are using white marble use white cement to match the pieces so it would look whiter without any breaks to shine more.

Marble flooring disadvantages:

  1. As you know Marble is a natural stone so before buying you have to make sure that you find marble that covers more than the space you have with 5-10% (review the 6 new flooring questions you have to answer before buying article to know more) in order to complete the whole shape or it will look bad.
  1. As we said that it is appropriate for hot weather because it will be cold, but unfortunately, it’s not appropriate for cold weather which makes it perfect for our climate.
  1. Of course, when you find a material with all these advantages it will not be cheap.
  1. The bad things are that you will find a lot of wasted pieces because of cutting to match, so you have to make sure that you have skilful labour to cut it in a way so you can benefit from the cutting pieces.
  1. Marble should not be exposed to acids because it is affected and the colours may turn to pale.
  1. Marble may be susceptible to scratch if someone uses a hard object, also Italian marble is less durable than the other marbles so it may be susceptible to cracking.
  1. As we said that marble pieces must be matched correctly in order to look nicer that’s why you have to bring a skilled labourer to work on it, and it also takes a lot of time to be installed.
  1. You have to occasionally polish it so it would shine again.
  1. Marble is very smooth as we agreed which makes it very dangerous if it’s wet so if someone slipped it won’t be so friendly.

Now after telling you the pros and cons of Marble, you can review the pros and cons of Ceramic from our Article so you can decide which to go for, again all floors are nice to install. You only need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each then decide based on your preference and home style.

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