Boost Lead Generation In 2021 With Fastbase WebLeads 6.0

Boost Lead Generation In 2021 With Fastbase WebLeads 6.0


Ever since the inception of the digital age in the late 20th century, the way we conduct business has seen significant transformations. The digital sphere continues revolutionizing how businesses interact with each other, defining how (and where) consumers source for their needs.

2020 was a year engulfed in uncertainty. The unprecedented widespread outbreak of the novel Coronavirus greatly affected the economy, and numerous businesses felt the devastating impact. Restrictions regulating free movement and social interaction are implemented worldwide, which disrupts the normal flow of business operations.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for business owners to invest in developing and implementing feasible digital marketing strategies. There is an increased need for an emphasis on strategy development coupled with a flair for the creative. B2B companies prevalently utilize lead generation as a tactic.

Digital lead generation is the focus of many in B2B industries as 2021 steadily approaches. We anticipate more companies to take an interest in the digital consumer journey. That is precisely what WebLeads 6.0 administered by Fastbase is bringing to the table to support B2B marketing and sales.

Any business can benefit from lead generation, whether big or small. But how exactly does the recently launched WebLeads 6.0 web tool for Google Analytics generate highly-convertible organic traffic to your company? To gain better insight into the issue at hand, let’s briefly explore the dynamics of lead generation.

So, What Is Lead Generation and What Can It Do?

Lead generation enables you to nurture prospective clients until they are ready to buy. It is a linear process that follows three steps:

1. Increase traffic generation to your site

Using a variety of tools, features, and promotional channels encourages visitors to discover your business. Ads, content, social media, emails, blogs, product trial offers, and word-of-mouth are popularly used strategies to attract organic traffic to your company.

2. Conversion of visitors into viable leads

A lead is a visitor who infers an interest in your company’s products or services. Commonly used are CTA (call to action) elements like pop-up messages or images that divert the prospect to a landing page. Once there, the lead’s data is captured, and they are promoted to fill a form to obtain an offer.

3. Converting leads to customers

You then score the leads by assessing their interest in your services and products then extending an offer, effectively turning the lead into a client. A lead’s score may be determined by their level of interaction with your brand, the information they provide, or any actions they undertake.

B2B lead generation is a challenge for most companies. Hiring an entire internal marketing team to handle this task increases operational costs. More businesses are hiring web agencies that specialize in lead generation strategies to save time and money.

However, the digital marketing industry is awash with lead generation firms and software. Which poses another challenge: how do you know which one to choose? The answer is simple. Opt for a lead generation company like Fastbase with an established global reach and an indisputable reputation within the market.

About WebLeads 6.0 For Businesses

WebLeads 6.0 is an upgrade of its predecessor WebLeads 5.0 powered by web and data analytics company, Fastbase Inc. (OTC PINK: FBSE). This inferential web tool is a trusted add-on feature for Google Analytics. It helps you identify businesses that visit your web pages by keeping track of interaction data.

You only need to install a downloadable script to the monitored website, and voila! You are well on your way to qualifying more quality leads, increase sales, and promote horizontal expansion.

The new version comes fully-loaded with a suite of features to help you convert website users into actionable leads, such as:

Web visitor and lead tracking

Earlier in the year, two ambits (service provider and network domain) were removed from Google Analytics. They helped identify viable website visitors to qualify more quality leads by filtering unwanted IP addresses, bot traffic, and spam. The gap is filled by Fastbase’s WebLeads 6.0 web visitor tracking system.

These tracking tools gather information regarding any enterprises and organizations that visit your business site. The data tells you precisely the country they’re in, their area of interest, and the amount of time they spent on your site.

Real-Time lead qualification

In business, time is of the essence. Thus, the pursuit of strategies and solutions that emphasize saving this resource. The Fastbase web analytics tool enables you to obtain information about visitors in near real-time. It gives you the power to interact with prospective customers as soon as they visit your site. You can also view data omitted from Google Analytics, enabling you to make timely decisions and take relevant action, helping you score and qualify leads aptly.

Substantiated Contact Information

Another significant feature of WebLeads 6.0 is its ability to collect and verify information about your web visitors. You can access vital data you need to boost sales like company names that redirect visitors to your website, who the key employees are, and their contact details.

What Can Fastbase WebLeads 6.0 Do For You?

Fastbase launched the WebLeads product in mid-2016. Since then, the Nevada-registered web solutions provider has continued to update this web tool to suit market and client demands.

The web and database analytics tool can help you:

  • Identify and attract website users to your platform
  • View and assess website visitor info for the past 12 months
  • Gain insight concerning online consumer trends
  • Interact and gauge the interest of leads
  • Increase your customer conversion rate

WebLeads 6.0 has three subscription plans to suit any budget. The Lite option is free-of-charge, but a significant downside is that it lacks advanced features. The next level is the Premium alternative. It has more elements, and you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial period when you sign up for $39 per month. The highest subscription level is the Premium+ offered at $375 monthly.

Final Take

Lead generation is part of the lifeline of any type of business. Without it, a company may face difficulties realizing sales and growing horizontally. As 2020 dwindles and we step into 2021, it will pay in the long run to invest in a feasible solution like Fastbase WebLeads 6.0 tool in your B2B digital marketing campaigns.

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