What makes Dedicated Hosting so enticing to big companies?

What makes Dedicated Hosting so enticing to big companies?


When the internet was making its way into our lives and websites were being launched at a slow pace, the hosting options were very limited. A site owner could either opt for a Dedicated Server (in-house or rented from a hosting company) or a Shared Hosting plan. With time, as technology helped the hosting companies to come up with various types of hosting services like Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, etc., site owners had more options to choose from.

However, Dedicated Hosting remains at the top of the list for secure, reliable, and customizable hosting services. While Dedicated Server Hosting plans are the costliest among the lot, they pack a lot of features and benefits that are specifically targeted to site owners that need the kind of control and power offered. Usually, big companies and large websites prefer Dedicated Hosting Servers over other hosting types. Wondering why? Let’s find out.


When you opt for a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, the resources of the server are not shared with other users. This helps in boosting your website’s performance and managing traffic better. This is particularly beneficial to big companies as they get complete control over the resources and factors like browser compatibility, advertisements, and images that impact website performance. It also allows them to make changes to the hosting environment based on the changes in the business to ensure uninterrupted website services. Many web hosts also offer SSD-based Dedicated Server plans to further boost the reliability of the service.

Maximum Uptime

A website downtime equates to lost profits and a hit to the company’s reputation. Hence it is understood why big companies work hard to keep their sites up and running at all times. There are several reasons a website can go offline. Hardware failure or overcrowded shared servers lead to downtime, thus putting the company’s online venture at stake. A Dedicated Server guarantees 99.9% uptime (the remaining 0.1% may be needed to update the operating system and patch vulnerabilities). With Dedicated Server plans, the host ensures that the infrastructure is managed to ensure maximum uptimes.

Site Security

Cyber-attacks have become a threat to hacking, malware, data theft, and DDoS attacks leading to many online ventures closing its business. Websites of big companies are at a higher risk since attackers can gain a lot of critical information or even hold the website hostage and extract money (ransomware).

An important measure in understanding a web host’s reliability is how well they protect their customers from cybercrime. Dedicated Server Hosts have security experts in place, and they provide the latest tools to help counter-attack cyber threats. It includes the latest firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention tools, and anti-spam email filters.

A secure Dedicated Server has security services such as remote, encrypted backups, SSL certificates, and email signing certificates. Also, with Managed Dedicated Hosting plans, the host ensures that it runs regular security scans and manages any breach immediately offering a highly secure hosting environment.

Control and Customization

When using a Dedicated Server, the user has full control over the server environment. There is no sharing of resources among many users. Customization of CPU, disk space, bandwidth, RAM, and software is possible as per the company’s business requirements. This is essential for big companies as they might want to create a unique site experience for visitors or use a proprietary application on the website. This makes a Dedicated Server Hosting plan an ideal option for big companies. For complete control over the hosting server, users can buy a control panel with the Dedicated Server – cPanel with Linux Dedicated Servers and Plesk with Windows Dedicated Servers.

Summing Up

As you can see, the best Dedicated Servers offer features that are designed for big companies or large websites. While smaller sites can benefit from them too, the cost is usually too high for them. When organizations buy Dedicated Server Hosting, they get complete access to the root directory, ensuring complete control of the services. Assuring scalability, full control, ability to install or uninstall applications, customize the hardware, and optimize settings, this server hosting technique is apt for large organizations.

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