Get to know the Dedicated Server for France Location – Onlive Server

Get to know the Dedicated Server for France Location – Onlive Server


A data center for a dedicated server has been found in France, which is a server that runs a computer that hosts effective website hosting. In most cases, customers who own a website that runs on a Cheap Dedicated Server pay a monthly fee commensurate with the support, power systems, bandwidth, infrastructure, and other features included in the company’s service to which the server belongs.

Advantages of France Dedicated Server

This server is useful for clients who want to host their websites with sufficient support from the server team. In contrast to shared hosting, a Germany and France dedicated server with many websites is inexpensive and in most cases cheaper. The cheapest dedicated server can host an unlimited number of websites without any technical problems. A web application written in various programming languages ​​such as PHP and ASPX can also be run on a dedicated hosting server.

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Types of dedicated servers

There are three types of servers that hosting companies offer. This includes managed servers, semi-managed servers, and unmanaged servers. The main difference between these servers is the amount of support provided by the company. Managed servers are supplied with system backups, software patches, operating system updates and the like for the client’s website.

Semi-managed servers typically perform the first round of system updates and support the clients. On the other hand, unmanaged dedicated typed servers do not offer system updates. Instead, the client is the one who should initiate these updates, but the service provider continues to support the client if there are problems with the server.

Dedicated server and shared hosting

Shared hosting involves limited performance in hosting and updating websites and applications. Because many websites share a server, bandwidth problems often occur that result in poor website performance. However, a dedicated hosted server gives the client all the permissions the client needs to manage and improve its own website. Your access rights are full so that the client can install or uninstall software, embed or remove web applications, configure and manage firewalls, and perform other activities.

Opt for a dedicated server provider

First, the client may have problems with internet bandwidth and monitoring the entire server. Second, power systems would be a big problem. The user needs diesel generators to protect the server from power outages, and as we all know, generators cost thousands of dollars. Third, the client does not have an immediate group of professionals who act as a support team for the server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Did the client also know that the client must have several fiber optic lines in the Internet backbone for the server to work?

These lines cost more than a thousand dollars each, which makes them quite expensive. But all of these and other factors are nothing to worry about when the client chooses the cheap, dedicated server provider. Among these factors, support is the most important thing for the client to worry about, as servers, no matter how hard they look, can fail at any time of the day. And without a professional support team from a renowned France dedicated server company, server failures are expected.

There are many reasons why the client should not run their own server at home or in the office and should get help from a reputable provider. If the customer digs a little, it won’t be too difficult to find the good quality hosting company that offers the cheap dedicated server or at least one at a good price. Check out this hosting company to get an idea of ​​the prices for dedicated servers.

Reasons to choose a virtual server instead of France dedicated server

The acceptance of the virtual server as a web hosting solution is rather a rapid development. Most medium and small businesses with limited resource needs found this to be their preferred choice. This technology has strong potential to close the gap between economical shared hosting and expensive dedicated hosting. With virtual server hosting, businesses can easily meet all of their custom technical requirements without spending a lot of money on more than the space and other hardware features they may not use regularly.


Aside from the reduced cost that VPS hosting offers; It is also a safe process in which the partitioned server uses software and each host gets its own share. The concept of the virtual server is not new. The idea of ​​sharing the resources of a physical private server has been around for many years. All individual hosts work independently of one another and have no relationship with other hosts that are on the same computer. These hosts operate as if they were in a system of dedicated individual servers. Given that such a hosting option is becoming increasingly popular these days, one might wonder what advantages it offers over dedicated hosting servers. The advantages of VPS are manifold compared to any dedicated system.

Advantage of multiple domains: It is technically possible to host multiple domains on a single VPS platform. This is an important feature because a company that has multiple domains registered can host them in a virtual hosting environment at no additional cost.

Dedicated customer service makes it a viable option:

France Dedicated Server have a good reputation for serving customers with the highest level of customer service. With no one in the business able to afford downtime, customers cannot wait long to resolve the issues if the website is unavailable. However, if France Dedicated Server is in action, the client will receive troubleshooting support in no time. These hosting providers recognize the value of a customer and often go the extra mile to fix the problem at the earliest.


Apart from these advantages, dedicated servers ensure to a great extent that nobody other than the client has access to the server. This means a lot for the security of the website. Since the client is the only person who has access to the website, there is no risk that the website will be affected by viruses and malware. In addition, they offer an additional level of security by offering the client an external firewall to block external threats. Overall, the customer is always on the right track when investing in dedicated servers in France.

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