How Trekking Can Improve Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health

How Trekking Can Improve Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health


Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Nepal. Considering the fact that it’s a himalayan country that is gifted with the spectacles of nature, thousands of people come here for trekking related activities. Now, when people think about trekking, what comes to their mind is fun and adventure, and to be honest, these two are the main reasons why people go for a trek. The truth, however, is that trekking has a lot of passive benefits that are mostly underlying, and most of these are related to health. No one goes for a trek because it’s good for their health, but that doesn’t mean that their health is not getting benefitted.

Trekking is an activity that is the best, not just for their physique, but also for their mentality and spirituality altogether.

Physical Health

One of the instant and long term benefits that you get from trekking is physical. Health Experts have always considered walking a really good way to keep oneself physically fit. Trekking is nothing but a more strenuous form of walking. Mostly, trekking is an activity that is performed on the hills, where the trekkers are required to go uphill and downhill. The geographic attributes are what make the trek tougher than a regular walk. And this is the very element that contributes to making trekking beneficial for physical health. Trekking, once in a while, is good for your muscles, especially that of the legs. With the strain that is caused on your legs during the trek, they become stronger and toned down. With time, the level of their endurance increases allowing you to cover greater distances with relative ease. In the same way, when you walk, you tend to use up the calories present in your body. Now, this is particularly beneficial for individuals who are overweight. Hiking for a significant amount of time, on a regular basis, can help them shed some of their body fats. Even the ones who are looking to stay in good shape benefit from trekking related activities. Trekking is also good for a person’s heart. Walking regularly can ensure that there is a regular and uninterrupted blood flow throughout the body, which makes it easier for the heart to do its job. Trekking can improve your physical health.

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Mental Health

Trekking is an activity that is generally considered good for physical health, however, most people don’t realize that it is also beneficial to the mind of an individual. When you go for a trek, the first thing that happens to you is that you get to stay away from all the burdens of life. The activity allows you to be a part of nature and even get lost in it. A lot of trekkers experience immense amounts of peace, which relieves them of stress, tensions, and other mental health related issues. Trekking is also an activity that pleases you. The nature, the people that you meet along the way, their culture and food, the numerous historical heritages that you come across; all of these elements work together to make you happy. You become enthusiastic to know more; if there is a new piece of information, you’re fascinated by it. You learn, but not out of responsibility, but desire. This makes you feel rejuvenated. In the materialistic world, we are always busy, and often surrounded by things that make us question our life. While on the trek, we have all the time for ourselves, and so, we are able to evaluate our life choices. We tend to discover ourselves provided that we use this as an opportunity. Many business owners and especially the people who take a lot of burden tend to go for a trek on an off-the-beat route once in a while because they want to clean their system, and drive all their emotional issues away.

Spiritual Health

Many people consider spirituality to be a medium through which one can get closer to god. Now, that might be true. But when you deconstruct its meaning, you realize that spirituality is actually all about getting close to oneself and rediscovering oneself in the process. One of the most spiritual things to do, which has been in practice for hundreds and thousands of years, is meditation. It is an activity that is said to uplift your soul, and helps you gain control over yourself. Now, you can meditate at home, or you can choose to combine it with an activity like trekking, and have a vacation of your life. Trekking takes you to places that you have never seen before. The places that are naturally beautiful and religiously significant. In these places, you can choose to meditate and discover your spiritual potential. Trips such as Langtang Valley Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek take you to destinations where you can forget about the rest of the world and be one with your spirit. When you think of it, you don’t really need to meditate during the trek; as a matter of fact, there are quite a few similarities between trekking and meditating. And because of these properties, trekking, even on its own can be considered an activity that is beneficial to your spiritual health. But this is only possible when you do it in its true form, i.e. no shortcuts, no use of technology, no stress, just considering the present.

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If you’re someone who’s never tried trekking in the himalayas, well, you should. The activity doesn’t just allow you to explore all the new and different places, but also it improves your health. By trekking, you work on your physical health, your mental health and your spiritual health. These days, it’s a challenge to keep a track on the situation of one’s health, and we are so occupied in our day to day activities. So, whenever you get an opportunity to trek, the ideal thing to do is to jump on it. You don’t just get to work on your health but also get to have the time of your life. What more can anyone want. Try trekking and you’d realize this on your own,

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