How Many Bitcoins Are Left Currently To Be Mined?

How Many Bitcoins Are Left Currently To Be Mined?


The question is how many bitcoins are currently left to be mined? What amount of bitcoins is circulating among people in the world? Currently, 18,572,875 bitcoins are present, and when the latest blocks are mined this quantity changes after every ten minutes.

Every new block put on 6.25 bitcoins in the current circulation. The quantity of bitcoins that are still left to be mined is 2,427,125.0 and maximally 21 million bitcoins can exist all over the world.

Number Of Lost Bitcoins

If you want to know the number of bitcoins that are lost then you will not get an accurate answer. It is estimated presently that the number of bitcoins that are lost forever is three to four million.

You cannot estimate accurately the number of bitcoins because the reason is that, on the blockchain, the lost and unlost bitcoins appear to be the same. An educated guess can help to estimate the number of lost bitcoins from the time in which a bitcoin sat in the unmoved address.

Some media reports reveal that the owner told about the loss of the private key that comprised of a large number of wallets. 

The fact is that the number of bitcoins that are locked for a long time or permanently is greater as compared to the bitcoins that are lost.

You can say that someone locked a huge number of bitcoins in a box and forgot about the key or the key is lost. And obviously, no one can open this box without having its key. Now anyone can buy bitcoin online without much problem. 

Number Of Bitcoins That Are Mined Daily

On average rate, 144 blocks are mined daily and the number of bitcoins per block is 6.25. If you multiply 144 with 6.25 then you get 900 that is the average of bitcoins that are mined daily.

Many miners are putting on the latest hashpower. In previous years, you could see the blocks at intervals of 9.5 minutes as compared to 10 minutes. It leads to the creation of the latest bitcoins that are faster. So, on most of the days, 900 bitcoins are originated daily.

Number Of Bitcoins That Are Mined Already

Being mine is the only way to create bitcoins. All the bitcoins that are existing currently are those that are being mined already. The total number of present bitcoins is 18,572,875 BTC.

Number Of Present Bitcoins Blocks

The number of mined blocks of bitcoins is 661,660.

Amount Of Bitcoins That Satoshi Have

According to a few estimates, the number of bitcoins that Satoshi has is 900,000 BTC approximately. This number has great discussions and debates on it. Some people also demonstrate that Satoshi has 300,000 BTC. 

Bitcoins That Are Stolen

It is not clear how much quantity of bitcoins has been stolen. In the Mt. Gox hack, the amount of stolen bitcoins is 120,000 BTC. In 2016, Bitfinex has also faced the situation of stolen bitcoins and the number of these coins is 120,000. 

If you add the number of stolen bitcoins from both hacks then it becomes 970,000 BTC. It does not mean that all the stolen bitcoins are lost. The bitcoins that have been stolen are still in circulation.

Even more, many bitcoins are not owned by the original thieves they may sell or circulated these bitcoins.

How Many People Became Millionaires Of Bitcoins?

It is impossible to calculate the number of people who become millionaires of bitcoins. The quick math can estimate the number of people who are Bitcoin millionaires.

If you want to become a millionaire of bitcoins then you need 48.03 bitcoins because the price of a bitcoin is $20821.07 in dollars. The number of people who have 48.03 bitcoins is 386,707. So the quantity of bitcoins that are in circulation currently is 18,572,875.

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