Watching a loved one succumb to alcohol addiction is never easy, especially when said addiction begins to take over their lives. They’re constantly turning to the bottle at inopportune times, such as early in the morning, in the middle of the day, and all throughout the night. If they’re not drunk, they’re isolating because they’re still trying to hide their addiction.

Of course, as a friend or family member, you want them to get help, but sometimes wanting it is not enough. The addict must decide to help themselves as well, which can be the hard part. If you want to see your friend or loved one get the help they need, here are several tactics to try.

Sit Them Down and Chat

Does your friend or loved one know what their addiction is doing to others? Chances are, probably not. Addiction can be a very isolating experience. The addict often has tunnel vision, where they’re either chasing their next high or getting it. They’re not thinking of the wreckage they’ve left behind, including the hurt feelings of friends and loved ones.

That’s why a simple one-on-one conversation is the best starting course of action. In this conversation, expound on all the sadness, pain, and upset the addict has caused since their alcohol addiction has spiraled out of control.

It’s possible that the addict never meant for it to get this far. This commentary may encourage them to think about getting help.

Add in More Perspectives               

Sometimes, though, the addict needs to hear from several friends or family members for it to really sink in that they have a problem. These conversations may also be one-on-one and take place over a few days or weeks. Once again, everyone should share their honest thoughts and feelings. After hearing enough perspectives from loved ones, the addict may realize it’s time to make a positive change in their life through rehab.

Avoid Too Much Tough Love

It can be very hard to pour your heart out to the addict only for them to continue abusing alcohol. The two of you may care about each other very much, but the addiction has clouded their judgment.

For that reason, it can be tempting to get mean or forceful about things. Tough love will rarely make the situation better, though. Instead, it will often make matters worse and turn the addict even more against the idea of trying rehab.

Not only that, but this approach can damage the long-term relationship between you and the addict, which is not what you want.  

It’s important to remember that you can’t make an addict do anything they don’t want to do themselves. Unless they want to change their lives, sitting down and talking to them about rehab will not be very successful. It sometimes takes a professional approach to get the addict into rehab.

Have an Intervention

If all else fails, or if you’re afraid of relying on tough love, an intervention may be the best choice. Elevate Addiction Services, a Bay Area drug and alcohol rehab facility, offers professional interventions. These still allow the family to get involved and speak their respective pieces. With an interventionist on hand, though, the intervention stays on-topic and free of blame. This is important, because, as mentioned, if the addict feels bombarded or attacked, they’re more likely to turn down the rehab opportunity and isolate further.

The interventionist may be able to get through to the addict in ways the family and friends could not. By working together with the interventionist, changes can finally occur in the addict’s life.  

Those looking for alcohol treatment in Northern California, including the above mentioned intervention services, should consider Elevate Addiction Services. With treatment for both alcohol and drug addiction, the holistic care at Elevate is less reliant on medications and 12-step programs. Instead, enrollees will engage in behavioral therapy, experiential therapy (which includes outdoor activities), nutritious eating, and more to work through the rigors of addiction.

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