How to Dispose Your Fridge Responsibly

How to Dispose Your Fridge Responsibly


When it comes to certain appliances belonging to your kitchen that your daily foods wholly depend on, a refrigerator may be one of the important appliances out there. But knowing this, an average lifespan of a fridge is approximately 11 years. Therefore, many of the substances that make up the objects in the fridges are harmful to the environment if not disposed of in the proper way. At some point you will have to discard it when it is no longer of use. Here are a few thighs to consider while disposing an old one to be replaced by a new:

Contact a Waste Removal Organisation

Just because you have a refrigerator at home does not mean that you can handle it on your own, when it comes to removing compressors, refrigerant or insulation. There is a reason why you should make sure it is disposed properly. That’s why the safest and responsible way would be to seek help from a professional. There are many organisations that will consider your assistance sometimes without any charges in your local area specially house clearance Manchester.

Do Donations

There are various local charity centres and NGOs that are willing to accept old refrigerators, depending on how they are still in working condition.

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It’s good to always test the product before you donate to see if it is broken or not because a used fridge can contribute to increased energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Refuse to Throw with Trash

Another common mistake we often overlook is some people tend to throw away their fridge along with their daily trash out in the streets.

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Be mindful that it is toxic for the environment when a leaky fridge is left out in the open to decay. It is best to seek some professional help or service for the safest, most responsible way to recycle or dispose of a refrigerator.


If a fridge no longer works then there’s no way you can recycle it. But if it does, and it’s not possible to donate or convince your appliance dealer to remove them for you, you may call an authorised appliance disposal centre and seek their guidance on finding the right solution for your fridge.

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