The 22 QUESTIONS you have to ask before renting an apartment

The 22 QUESTIONS you have to ask before renting an apartment


Searching for an apartment is becoming a more complicated task. Not only because of the prices but also because of the rabid competition. These are the questions you have to ask before saying yes.

With these 22 questions and their respective answers you will have all the information you need to know if that apartment you have found is the apartment you were looking for in dubai. Many of them you can answer with a simple visit to the property but others you must do directly to the owner or, in the case, to the real estate manager.

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  1. What are the rental conditions (months of deposit, deposit, bank guarantee, agency fees)?
  2. What exactly does the rental price include (community fees, central heating, etc.)?
  3. In what state are the water, electricity and / or gas supplies, and are they discharged?
  4. Under what concept can the rent go up over the years?
  5. Are pets allowed in this house?
  6. Is it a noisy area?

7 . In case it is, are the windows insulating well?

  1. Is natural ventilation possible?
  2. What is the exact period of fulfillment of the obligatory contract?

10.What are the conditions in case of early termination of the contract?

  1. Size in useful square meters?
  2. What is the orientation of the house?

13 . How much electricity / heating do you consume (approximate monthly price)?

  1. Is it delivered freshly painted?
  2. Where will the landlord deposit the deposit?

16 . Can I paint the walls and make holes?

17 . If the building does not have an elevator, is it in the plans of the neighborhood community?

  1. If the apartment is furnished, can I select the pieces of furniture that I don’t need?
  2. Is there the possibility of renting with an option to buy?
  3. Who should take care of the fixes and breakdowns?
  4. Is it legal to sublet the home?

22 . Date of the last reform?

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