Keep Expensive Lawsuits At Bay With AccessiBe

Keep Expensive Lawsuits At Bay With AccessiBe


If you are the owner of a business site that is not ADA compliant, your organization might be sued or even get a demand letter from a lawyer or firm dealing with ADA compliance. This letter might ask for a substantial monetary settlement on behalf of a person with a disability who has not been able to access your site. This can be detrimental to the growth and reputation of your business, especially if you are a small to medium-scale Company.

Bank on AccessiBe to keep your site fully compliant round-the-clock

Banking on AccessiBe, a trustworthy and popular web accessibility solution for your site equipped with advanced AI technology helps you keep litigation at bay. This tool is affordable and quick to install. It scans your site every 24 hours, ensuring it is fully compliant, alleviating the stress of expensive penalties from a lawsuit. This tool is cost-effective for small to medium-scale business owners as they can choose monthly or annual subscription plans to ensure their sites are fully accessible and compliant with ADA and WCAG guidelines.

Get support for the litigation process

Moreover, the team behind this credible tool gives you support for the litigation process. They will perform an audit to prove that your site is fully compliant by providing a form letter you can submit to any legal firm that has approached you for non-compliance issues. You will get a purchase invoice with your statement of web accessibility to show the court that your site has no compliance problems regarding the above case.

Stay protected round-the-clock

To date, the Company behind AccessiBe has never had a customer who has faced litigation after the installation of the tool. However, to be on the safe side and to protect your business in the long run, you will always get this Litigation Support Package from the Company.

Get daily scans for your site

Setting up the tool is simple, and you must embed a single line of JavaScript code into your site. The code sits on top of the base code and will never interfere with your site’s speed or functionality. The tool is automated and will conduct scans of your site every 24 hours to ensure that accessibility issues are fixed, and there are no compliance issues.

Thanks to the presence of AccessiBe, you can eradicate the tensions of being sued with litigation and hefty fines by users with disabilities. Moreover, when you have an accessible site, you can increase sales opportunities in this community section.

They can visit your site and enjoy a seamless browsing experience. This step goes the extra mile for the growth of your business, as they become loyal customers and the volume of lead conversions into sales increases drastically. Your integrity as a digitally and socially responsible business rises, and you can successfully establish yourself as a credible company in the market over your peers with sites that are non-accessible to users with disabilities.

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