Each one of us has a birthstone, a gemstone that is tied to our birth month. Birthstones are a gorgeous way to add a unique touch to your jewelry. Each birthstone is associated with different meanings and birthstone characteristics. These birthstones are often recommended by astrologers for our use. We can easily find best astrologer in delhi online. Here are some birthstones which are linked with your birth month which are generally recommended by astrologers

January: Garnet

It is a deep red gemstone that got its name from the Latin word “seed,” due to its similarity to a pomegranate seed. Garnet is said to bring the wearer satisfaction, stability, health, and wealth! Those with the garnet birthstone are known to retain stable and favorable energy.

February: Amethyst

It is a beautiful purple gemstone that is said to bring the wearer religious protection, knowledge, and love. The people with amethyst birthstone are understood to be highly spiritual, gentle, intelligent, and kind.

March: Aquamarine

It is a glittering light blue gemstone that has been associated with the sea. The people with the aquamarine birthstone are said to be calm, inspiring, simple, and outstanding at communication.

April: Diamond

They are symbols of eternity. Those with the diamond birthstone are said to be tough, much like the diamond. They’re also known to be brave, optimistic, ethical, and lighthearted.

May: Emerald

They are deep green gemstones that are famous for their incredibly unique color. Emeralds are said to give the wearer wealth, true affection, development, and patience.

June: Pearl

They are beautiful globular gemstones that come from the water and have a radiant natural shine. Pearls are told to get the bearer protection, good health, and a clear mind.

July: Ruby

The ruby is a grand red gemstone that is favored by royals for thousands of years. They are said to bring the wearer courage, strength, and safety from evil. Those with the ruby birthstone are known to be optimistic, passionate, and enterprising.

August; Peridot

It is a vibrant green gemstone that is associated with hope, prosperity, and high strength. Those with the Peridot birthstone are said to be optimistic, amiable, loyal, and unafraid to take risks.

September: Sapphire

It is beautiful gemstone that appears in a rainbow of colors. Although the most admired colour of sapphire is the blue sapphire. Sapphires are said to bring the wearer knowledge, protect the wearer from damage, and connect the wearer with an elevated spirituality.

October: Pink tourmaline

The pink tourmaline is a stunning gemstone that features extraordinary pink colour. The pink tourmaline has been worn throughout the ages guessed to possess healing powers. Those with the pink tourmaline birthstone are known to be instinctive, excited, natural, and highly personal.

November: Citrine

It is a gemstone with a lovely yellow-orange colour. This gemstone is guessed to bring the wearer good luck, good health, and prosperity. Those with the citrine birthstone are realized to be positive, family-oriented, and confident.

December: Blue topaz

It is a lovely blue gemstone that is correlated with calm energy, good sleep, and increased vitality. Those with the blue topaz birthstone are known to be emotional, soothing, and sensitive.


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